#while i’m away…

Once I’ve read that when little things make you happy, you can seek a paradise for yourself. Though I couldn’t map an exact context of the read, it had a great impact on me.  How couldn’t they…?

Writing a novel is more like a sailing a small boat in the middle of an ocean. Nobody would challenge you yet your free will entice you. It might be a passion, but more of the credit belongs to positivity. Although passion might make you row for several hours, a slight desperation for an invisible target would get you disappointed. Whether you find yourself as a Gulliver on the other side or not, It wouldn’t matter. A writer must always keep writing.  How couldn’t they…?

I have started my journey about a year ago, in a small boat with a strong arm. It is about the journey of a reporter and her boy in a chaotic world. While I am away, writing a piece of my novel, she called me after a long time. The character of which the ‘reporter’ is based on.., The brief moments of her talk made me realize that those little things weren’t just a coincidence.


Thank you for reading…

And I took the liberty to compose the first Kindle edition on few of my short stories.




Positivity can just make the things right..

positivityIt’s strange that we don’t possibly get boredom by living with some routine things.Like the sun who makes an intentional journey to the south OR the wind which stays around us carrying same recycled oxygen and so on.They make us feel special either in complete loneliness or in sheer pleasure.They were things we often forget who was always be on our side regardless of asking for any gratitude.Fundamental science says that these kinds of luxuries exist without any help from the human.Yes,Isn’t it ?.

Starting with a much modern society where activities of people tend to become much selfish, An unparalleled growth of mindset was attacking most people on earth.Earth had witnessed terrible accidents with the origin of the universe.Young minds can’t accept the true structure of a life.We live in a world where suicides depend on a chance of fair coin toss,violence which depends on sheer ignorance.A wise man once said that Feeling pain is a luxury whereas facing it is a true solution.

Being optimistic, a world of peaceful sorority exist around us.Like the science insisted on the origin of invisible particles that can possess energy can be the only source of inspiration.Only thing is to find the purpose of life,to live with integrity.