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the true heir (1/4)

The 21-year old didn’t hesitate to take an extra glass of alcohol.

“College is an addiction, isn’t it?” he let his sharp voice to spread evenly among his friends.  It was on a twilight day that the three graduates decide to share their happiness.

“Just half a glass and now, he is on…” Said the other, with a chuckle.

“Addiction…Huh?” she finally asked, submitting to the temptation.

“Don’t encourage him.”

“Come on, let’s play a game. Explain it to us and if you can’t convince…” As she struck with words to fall out,

“Convince you. I don’t need to.” He continued, “Let’s make a toast.”

“Before anything, I would like to suggest you something…” his friend continued, “I know you want to be a writer. I know your knowledge to reform make you say crazy. Remember, we live in a crazy world where neither is ambitious nor encouraging. The system was always corrupted and people who would try probably end in a bad shape. I know your rush as hormones at this age but….”

His friend changed his posture and continued,” I once knew a friend very much like the passion of yours. An exact same ambition yet he isn’t wise enough to take my advice. He went around raising his collar to find his goals and now, you won’t believe me the position he’s in. He finally said that I am right. I am not saying that as a victory to me, but it’s just a good foresight. Everyone isn’t aimless, look at our friend…” he pointed his hand to her.

“Don’t bring my reasons…”

“No. It’s not an embarrassment to make a right choice. Besides, who am I to judge you. I am not offending you, my friend. But you must be able to grasp the reality of the situation. And for the toast,

‘To us for making money’.” said his friend.

“Fancy that…” she said, clipping their glasses.

The third one finally raised his glass and said,




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#how I found ‘Captains courageous’

We always feel lucky to see the part of the world that inspires us.

I must say that I am quite grateful to breathe and see the works of David Fincher. Maybe he has captured every situation of our lives.

I happened to rush down four stairs of our office building on the evening of July the 12th. As the memory pushed me to remember my forgotten charger, I have no chance but to climb the stairs. It took another half an hour as my boss insisted on listening to his brilliant idea. As I have an enough comfort to leave the building,

Poets would have described the evening as calm as still water until it went cats and dogs. It came to a halt only to show me that I had no money in my pockets. I walked to the nearest ATM and as it was a late evening, it consists of notes worth two thousand rupees. My eyes left the calm mood and began to find a way to get enough money for bus fare. It found the nearest bookstore midst the soaking weather,

“What do you want, brother..?” A young man asked, only after he removed his headset.

“Uh…That book” directed to the extreme left.

The shopkeeper gave a smile at the two thousand rupee note in my hand for a book worth about fifty rupees.

“You could’ve asked for a change,..” he said to me while I was leaving the store.

That is how I’ve got Rudyard Kipling’s Captain’s Courageous and the currency notes suitable for my bus fare…

Only If I haven’t forgotten the charger,

Only If the ATM had one more hundred currency left,

Only If I haven’t had an impression that no one would give me a change for two thousand rupee note,

Only If I haven’t been kind to offer thirty rupees to a beggar on the morning run,

I wouldn’t have got the book.

It is an exact replica of a scene from the 2008 movie named ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button’ directed by David Fincher.

The book isn’t the greatest read but the process is…

To think of various perceptions and get to know the importance of every moment…

I began to think that it might be how I’ve started to write quarterly stories.


Thank you for reading…


the sid’s narration (4/4)

Not often did the judge took time to personal appearances,

“I know, friend. The bill got me lucky .” said the judge over his phone.

The bill has been passed to make live coverage of court rulings on the request of people. Ninety-five percent of curious people say ‘aye’ to watch jury on the recent bomb attack. While the Sid walked into his house with a sheet of paper,

“Where have you been..?” asked his mother.

Pretending to be deaf, he increased the television volume.

“There he comes,..”

As the judge never liked his fat image in the mirror, he relayed his trust on good expressions.

The boss was the only man who stood lifeless in custody. The case was pretty strong against them. while the defense claims,

The thin man was delusional and …

Really, how often does that happen? Boss began to enjoy his thoughts.

The woman heard a lot of stories from him.

Few thousand bucks will make her write a novel.

“Yeah, I know he’s crazy. One day, he comes running and say, he was once a gladiator.” trying to look natural with her sheepish accent.

Why would anyone want this? who is my client? A client who can profit from everything…

His thoughts were interrupted by the next witness,

“How did you find the clip..?” Prosecutor asks the reporter.

“My husband…” She wiped her eyes, continues “ he was having an affair..” She made sure to get the attention.

Goddamn theatrics.

An unfortunate stream of thought led the boss to grin.

“Do you mean to insult the court ?” Judge stares at the boss.

The young Sid realized that his entire family was gathered to watch the ruling. While he was walking to his bedroom, he overheard a conversation,

“I would regret if I’ve missed any of it.”

“Yeah. The bill made it happen.”

“The bill, huh… I think the government has made a great decision before the election.”

The young Sid hold the paper and thought about how it landed on his own terrace.It might have produced a silly grin on Sid’s face but the euphoria of chasing his goal will prove to be everlasting.


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the missing adjective (4/4)

There is a stern, often traced as a stone face appeared before the camera. The broadcast titled “The officer on the bridge” made a greater attention than expected. As it is a weekend, the count keeps going up on the dinner time. It took no time to tell the tale of an unforgettable incident in his life… With a sharp voice,

While I was guarding the bridge under my senior officer, I could see the despair mounting on every face. It’s been an uncomfortable period of work under the freezing atmosphere decorated with a full moon.

A young couple going home… A boy with a girl, certainly a prostitute… A man smuggling cocaine…

Past the hours of clichéd outcomes,

A young boy with dark eyes,

“Where are you going, kid?”

“To the city..”

I made no efforts to ask and started to check. The car began to accelerate into a wild beast, as I partially opened the truck.. I lost the balance and fall short of breaking the jaw. Everyone shifted their attention.

“I saw the blood..” I shouted.

My senior officer whom later I knew as the same man in the video ran up to me…

“Is there anyone inside?” He asked me in the hustle of alarm.


He processed the situation that I reckon with the help of past experiences.

“It is a setup. They are on the bridge.” He began to shout.

“Lock in’s and out’s. Send a few out on the pursuit. Move your asses, quick.” he turned to me and said “Tricky bastards. I will kill them”

While I read the descriptions of the car on the intercom, a soldier began to jog beside us and he didn’t bother to make his sentence sound low.

“That lady officer is damn hot. Isn’t she? ”

That sentence quickened the pace of blood in our nerves, as it seems only a few of us know that no lady is recruited for this operation.

Later on, we found two officers in the forest with a stolen clothes..”

This interview telecasted on the major channels of the city. Out of many people, only one man seemed to find his perspective of narration would be different.

“Hi, I am Rastogi verma..”

The other end of voice is a human, modified into a robot through the years.

“I am calling to know about a Journalist..”

He saw a picture on TV of a woman, who was said to be beside him on the bus.

Her eyes were dark…He thought she might not have a night sleep.

Her hair was blonde… She might have applied the dye.

He wanted the picture to be who it was supposed to be, but nothing felt true. The journalist erased her history. And once again, Rastogi was pushed into the mystery. He searched for days until a fine morning.

An envelope is on his doorstep. It is white on every side with no names. He opened to contain a letter along with a check…

“ Dear Rastogi,

I know this letter finds you with many doubts. Allow me to say that I am amazed. Although the story is a lie, it held the purpose. Ask it yourself, why would a fortunate woman like me spy on you unless..? In our whole journey, I always tempted to say that we share the same bloodline. I want to say one thing. I read your resignation letter while you’re typing beside me. We both know it is not the reason. I wonder how it would be the same man who saved my life when he truly believes a story to be true. Not a long ago, our father passed away in a peaceful way. We both have built this company through the storm of many unsuccessful years. I don’t consider money as a debt. The reason I give you a few of them is to say that it shouldn’t be a concern for what you really want. For the years forward,

Be seeing you…                                             ”

He smiled. A smile that exiled the feeling of mystery.

He went on for a vacation.

the missing adjective (3/4)

A broad eyed witch once told to a woman that her five-year-old boy would lead a mysterious life. The word “mysterious” is often tempting, as though a nerve of memory film the image of adventure.

While I sit beside a gifted typewriter, my vivid memory didn’t resist to remember the situation, as I reckon, happen to be on five weeks ago. I must confess that the episode of our escape has been the greatest day of my life. As for now, I found that the story of a man with a blue hat is a lie. I truly admired the journalist, as the story is nothing short of a reality.

I begin to gather the happenings of April, the 21st.

On such a sunny day, our hope seems to surface with a sight of the road, after a continuous search for civilization in the forest. The journalist seems tired except for her eyes being a controversy.

We need to cross the bridge..” she said, picking the advantage of Highland.

A stream of thoughts blocked our sense of being in the middle of the road. It was returned when a car screamed and made a halt not more than inches from us.

A teenager stepped out,

What the hell is….” there is a pause, anger changed to tense “ Oh, god…are you those two people..”

What ?”

I will give my car… Just don’t kill me, please..”

What the hell are you talking about..? ”

Take my car, man.. I won’t tell a soul.”

kid, calm down. I think you held us of someone.”

Are you not from the bus massacre? ”

We are..” I said, “ How do you know that? ”

“ I..How do…” he laughed.

He acted normal until she talked to him in a genuine calmness as if she inherited it. She explained the video inside the broken phone. In exchange, we came to know that the bridge is heavily guarded to catch us.

Most wanted people in the city. Are you kidding? ” I asked, as it is a terrible joke.

We are..Unless we show them this video..” She turned to the teenager and said,

We need your help.”

Uh..I am still uncertain of this whole thing..”

You can have the video.”

I didn’t ask.”

I insist..”

While the lust for fame gleamed in his eyes, the sound of two patrol officers seems to continue in our way.

With a sharp voice, I said

I have a plan.”



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he remembers nothing (4/4)



An old man is waiting, yet his shivering hands….                \(delete)

The image of an old man on a rainy day is…                          \(delete)

Droplets of rain hits an unusual visitor….                                 \(delete)  


I can’t even start a goddamn story. Memories resemble an anchor slicing the horizon of a sea.

The phone buzzed and a screen displayed as Vinod-Publisher. A familiar voice,

“Hello, champ. You do wanna hear a great news, don’t you? ”

I continued the silence.

“Rastogi, Are you on crack ?”

“Uh..No. Why do you ask? ”

“Oh, boy.Your rough party was all over the news. Anyway, Our book topped the amazon’s list, pal. We have a lot of work to do.”

This voice seems very familiar to him. Without a doubt, he asked it loud and clear,

“ Who wrote it? ”

With a heavy gasp, his tone became cautious,

“Who knows it? ”

“No one, I just need to know ”

“Come on, this argument needs to end. A conclusion has been made.”

“Say it, one more time.”

“Okay. I didn’t know who wrote it. I chose your market name to publish a writing. As I said you before, we can share a lot of money.”

With a delay of seconds,

“ Look, we ain’t done harm. Besides, ”

He disconnected.

Audio clip of this conversation can go viral within seconds. Only if either of them might have recorded it and most importantly, to press ‘send’. A bundle of newspapers lies near to him. Every review he read, every critic he knew mentioned the book as an art of thinking. He saw everything that can possibly come from a success. Only that he didn’t write it.

He knows that he might lose everything. Everything that gave him enough comfort to lead a life except he didn’t own it.


It ain’t a right way. 

He pressed the ‘send’  button.

After few years,


February 4th, 2020.  

                                           Second… It can’t be more thrilling than it is. A front-line soldier may not know his last second or A prisoner may not have a chance to use his last second. To whom Life truly mean is a person who knows the true perspective of happiness and thereby to own it. My story is all about one true journey…

#this is a good day to start…

So happened on the night of February, the 17th.

I find myself asking the same question for the past few days.

“Can I become a writer? ”

I hardly wrote a dozen articles and a story(to develop into a novel). The inertia of motion is always greater than any force thereafter. Comments on my life from others is never a concern. But emotions are the dangerous thing. I am always aware of what they can lead to.

Events that happened in my life triggered the possibilities. After 20 years of being a survivor on earth, I finally found that there is a life. Life before death as a virtue of joy. There happen to be a zillion possibilities to end a life but one possibility to lead a life. A life with no regrets. The perspective of people always mention differences in possibilities of life, but they all unite under one community.

The process of doing the work I respect may be the best religion found so far. Hitherto,  I decided to write as much as I intend to.

I may not find a suitable answer to my question. But I certainly can enjoy the journey awaiting ahead.

Thank you for reading….

The fall

via Daily Prompt: Giant

It took him months to reach that place.The Great Wall of China. He is neither a busy man nor famous to get the attention of the neighborhood. A salary of few grand didn’t make him happy. So, One day as he pushed the door of his manager’s office,

“Hey, Sebastian. Congrats, You have done excellent with that African client.  I am having a second thought on your promotion. What do you say ?” A laugh which is Royal, expected to be greeted with the same level.

An extra pay to live in this shit…He thought.


“Hell, yes…I know what you are thinking, boy. Lila will be with you, I promise..”

‘That bitch..’ almost came out. Hell, the love making nights felt true. but not if it was open to everyone.

“That is not the issue. I  want to quit.”

The eyes outside the manager office kept rolling between the two of them throughout the conversation. And finally, he went out.

On a way back to his apartment, he thought about going for a vacation. He bought a camera with his last month paycheck and decided to travel. He decided to visit seven wonders on 7 days each of a different week for a month.

Through the rich culture of  India, he captured the beauty of Taj Mahal. He came to know the difference between reality and illusion. He never wanted to be famous. He wants to know how to earn for living not to survive. He traveled through areas, where many people can reach to some people can walk and further to where only a few people can climb. And finally, he reached China.The Giant Wall of China.

He walked through one of the highest altitudes of modern times as a passenger. He rested his elbow on the wall trying to capture the view. And then, a stone supporting his hand with friction decided to go against it. The camera fall of his hand. His sudden instant was to jump and grab it before it reaches the ground, but he knew the science. When he looked to his left, he saw a little girl staring towards him. After a while, she came to him.

” Don’t worry. Anything can be gone but not the memories..”

Astonished with her little speech, he took her hands and said,

” Who said that ?”

“My mom… she says that when I ask about my father.”

A voice echoed in the crowd and suddenly, women in mid-thirties approached.

“Magie, I said not to go away. I’ve been looking for you.” It started as a scream and looked up to a stranger,”I am so sor..”

“Mama, he dropped his camera from the wall ..”

“Oh.. How..? ” She asked instantly.

“I slipped.” he said, lifted his right hand without noticing the blood dripping from his elbow.

She suddenly took some cotton and aspirin. She insisted on doing it.

“You carry first aid in your purse.Is that usual ?”

“I am a doctor. ”


“A usual habit, I suppose”

“Searching for patients..”

“Sort of…”

They both laughed.

“Would you mind, If I return gratitude with a drink..? ”

Three of them walked along as golden ray illuminated their laughs and for a way of memories to be made…



The true inheritance

The true inheritance


There is a story which often made me wonder about the reality of its existence. It is neither a thriller with an unexpected twist nor a romantic melodrama with a happy adieu .It consists of no rush of words in the mechanized world. It neither made a plea nor an order to obtain the attention of  readers.The story goes as

A very long ago, when  the men learned nothing except the art of hunger-satisfaction , a Shepard sat on a comfortable stone claiming a full view of the herd. The question is .

                                What can he possibly be thinking of ?

He doesn’t worry about the food as he already had it.He had a tranquility of a mortal god. On the time of sun just visited his village as he was passing through the mountains,one of the philosophers comfortably said aloud,”Damn it, Land is flat.So as the entire universe. you can see it,don’t you ?” to the enthusiastic query led by a young boy. He was perhaps thinking about his journey through the woods. Every time he reaches a slope, he questioned whether the earth was practically flat. He thought that water,the wind and every particle  of the sand would probably  be pushed into non-existence from the edge of the world. But he hadn’t seen the change of anything at any conscious time in his life.

What could be the shape of the world we live in ?

A wave of smile that holds mockery prevailed when he could find a shape that can explain his perspective. The shape resembles the stone he used to take rest. He neither did feel proud nor a sheer joy in finding the answer. He knows that the world we live in need lies to survive.

The world follows the heritable rule.A dogmatic approach to society can’t possibly understand or more probably resist the change of times. The Shepard is not an introvert by any sense of literature. He is merely enjoying his time rather than blurting over the ignorance of the world. The true inheritance of man obtained was to be the patience to let your voice stand by an idea at reasonable times to get the precise opportunity to be told.

So, That’s the story with something in it. Isn’t it ?

Positivity can just make the things right..

positivityIt’s strange that we don’t possibly get boredom by living with some routine things.Like the sun who makes an intentional journey to the south OR the wind which stays around us carrying same recycled oxygen and so on.They make us feel special either in complete loneliness or in sheer pleasure.They were things we often forget who was always be on our side regardless of asking for any gratitude.Fundamental science says that these kinds of luxuries exist without any help from the human.Yes,Isn’t it ?.

Starting with a much modern society where activities of people tend to become much selfish, An unparalleled growth of mindset was attacking most people on earth.Earth had witnessed terrible accidents with the origin of the universe.Young minds can’t accept the true structure of a life.We live in a world where suicides depend on a chance of fair coin toss,violence which depends on sheer ignorance.A wise man once said that Feeling pain is a luxury whereas facing it is a true solution.

Being optimistic, a world of peaceful sorority exist around us.Like the science insisted on the origin of invisible particles that can possess energy can be the only source of inspiration.Only thing is to find the purpose of life,to live with integrity.