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the story of Rosie Castrodge (1/4)

Long ago, either say a foolish or intelligent man began to think sleep as an enemies trick, there lies an ocean rowing more nights than they ever traveled. Mark of prestige arose when “horrific-beauty” are the words chosen on the behalf of the ocean.On a silent hour of the night, a pirate ship looks deserted of men in consciousness. Most of them made efforts but only the two people with purpose succeeded.

Asleep (Captain Todich and 13 crew members) & Awake (Robert Karlvert & Rosie Castrogde).

Rosie:(aloud) Show yourself. I ain’t afraid.

After a lantern sponsored to see the face attached to an athletic body,

Robert: Save your words, love.

A life boat detached from the ship. On their way out of the ship,

Rosie: What matters you ran into cap’s quarter?

Robert: Atlas, Rosie.

Rosie: On god’s name, I’ll kill you if ever you call my name. I am a prisoner in your goddamn ship for almost a month. You’re a good man but I can’t smell a reason for your treason.

Robert: Don’t strain yourself. I confess my love to you.

Rosie: I doubt that.

Robert: Do you ever heard of The Ghost-crew?

Rosie: I’ve read about them.


King castrodge and his 20 decorated counselors in a delightful palace designed as per his own instructions.

A soldier came into the room midst conversation. He dares not see any one’s face with his own.

“A message of grave urgency, your majesty.”

“Say it.”

“A pirate invaded on one of our ships.A royal ship indeed with gold…”

“I don’t have a day, you moron. What is the loss ?”

“It is about princess, signora”


“Senorita visited a nearby island and on the way of returning…”

“Get out..”

“Your majesty..”

“Why are your words still taking an opera ?”

“My apologies, People say that they are The Ghost Crew.”

Waves of sentences lingered in hall as

“ruthless thugs,” says one, “There is a say that when they have done getting a treasure with a crew, captain kills everyone to get every piece of gold for himself and gets a new crew.”

“One ride for a lifetime. Seems pretty good to me.” An old man chuckled under his nose. “If only you are a captain, old pig, ” said an other.

“Enough. Prepare our fight.” said the king.


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the edges of a Rubik’s cube (4/4)

The engine of Chevrolet styleline Deluxe began to roar on a comfort of royalty. They were on the site of a Cherokee. Rastogi can’t console his heart and went on to say,

“Let’s do this”.

After a few minutes of the drive, a thud sound echoed from the tire and car hit the divider of the road.

“Is it the bomb?” Rishaan asked Carl.

“Yes,” Carl said, without any hesitation in his mind.

Rastogi stopped the car and ran towards the Chevrolet.  In a disfigured car, he saw three people groaning at the pain.

Kiara looked over to the Rastogi with a little consciousness.

“You…aliv.. “Kiara managed to get words. “Help…Plea”

“You leave me no choice, dear. If either of us have any patience on belief towards love, this wouldn’t have happened. “Rastogi said, as most of his voice is in pain.

Diya stopped to groan and Rastogi knows what happened.

“You motherfucker, I should have choked you to death rather than pushing you off ” Sanjay made his rat cry.

“You didn’t. but I can, “.

Rastogi left the spot as he smelled the petrol sprouting outside the tank. Without turning back, he left away in Cherokee.


This is the story of an old man who told me while we are traveling for a place. A very long journey indeed. I saw the most brutal men than him but something in him was much cruel. I asked him after his narration,


“Love… If either of us has any patience towards the belief in love, that wouldn’t have happened. It can destroy. I could have left her to live but I can’t do that. I loved her in a way that I ought to the only person to show her the otherwise.That’s what I regretted every day for not to be cautious.”

Not many people that I have met confessed. After all, I need to do my job irrespective of their stories. People often used to wonder about me. Wonder about how I could sustain in an evil life. Answer is simple and easy,

“I don’t have a soul to love.”

I am the other side of life…

I could see a screen which is considered to be a Rastogi’s heart-beat. He is in a place where I often used to come.

“ How do you feel to be alive? ”

“Life is an endless space of emotions. Yet it felt to be on the edge. To jump onto edges as a sane conclusion, like a Rubik’s cube…”

Within minutes screen went blank, which is an indication of the end.

Never experiencing the love in my life, it felt to be a sacred thing to earn it. A cautious thing as hatred, caused by love is a lethal weapon that there is no control for.


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the edges of a Rubik’s cube (2/4)

“The hell do you think of?  These files should represent prestige, not our weakness.”Mr. Ashok warned Sanjay, not to repeat it.

As Sanjay walked through the boss office, he saw Rastogi flirting with Kiara in her office.

Sanjay knows that it would be useless to inform boss because he already knows it.

“Are you alright?” A familiar voice consulted Sanjay.

“No, my boss just insulted me. And what is with that guy? He is just a junior and now, he will be the owner of this damn company after their marriage.” replied to Diya, regarding Rastogi.

“You’re jealous, brother” she replied to her twin brother.

On such a fruitful day for an evil plan to begin,

“Come on, It’s your day. Cheer up, man “Sanjay forced Rastogi on to take a glass of wine, who thereby tempted his promise to Kiara not to get drunk. On the eve of his engagement with Kiara, Rastogi drank till it felt no sense of alcohol having it on his tongue.

Experiencing the worst hangover, Rastogi woke up at the bright of a day. With all his efforts, he could see a butterfly resting beside him on the bed. A Flicker sensation sparked in wings, as he smoothened it with his fingers.

It’s alive but …

Something is wrong.. he thought.

After recovering from drowsiness, he saw it. It isn’t a butterfly that he thought of. It’s a tattoo of a butterfly on the back of a blonde-haired woman.

“Why the fuck are you in my room?” Diya screamed grabbing the blanket around her naked body.

Rastogi can’t even get hold of his breath.

What have I done? How the fuck did I end up on her bed.

“Look, I am sorry. I don’t know how this ….” his voice was interrupted by her screams.

“Get the fuck out of here”

“I am sorry.”



“You look nervous,” Kiara asked, adjusting her wedding gown.

“It’s the first thing happening in my life. So, I am “replied Rishaan, thinking about every possible outcome of the worst situation that may happen. Neither Sanjay nor Diya appeared for the wedding. Finally, wedding ended with the blessings of which Rastogi thought would be useless. He can neither stop the marriage nor overcome the guilt he had committed. He can’t undo what had happened, and so he planned to go with it. Kiara planned to go to an island near Goa. They were escorted in a Mercedes to the airport.

“Hi, how are you? You didn’t attend?”  Kiara asked almost instantly to her co-passenger.

As Rishaan was busy with the comfortabilities of the flight, a voice which is the source of the unforgettable-scream skipped his heartbeat. He knows exactly who she is.

“Hey, I am fine. Sorry for the absence. I got a very urgent work to do “Diya replied.

Kiara looked at Rishaan as if expecting a surprise from him at seeing Diya beside them. Not to get suspicious, he obeyed.

When the flight landed at the Dabolim Airport, Rastogi felt uncanny…his excitement seemed replaced by an unknown fear that he found very difficult to decipher. He didn’t know whether to reveal it to Kiara or to console Diya. Anything at this moment may lead to the disaster. Diya vanished in the airport without saying a word. From Goa, Rastogi purchased tickets to reach the island. The ship looked deserted.

“Are you alright? You seem tired. “Kiara asked.

“I am fine. Just a little sea sickness “he kissed her.

She says, “I will get something to drink”

As the cold breeze touches his skin, while the remorse feeling still on the face kept thinking about the past, a sudden force applied on made him fell into the water.

Rastogi felt that only half the newton of applied force required for the push. Other half tells Rastogi about the desire to kill him.  He swims hard to the brink of survival. He saw three people on the ship.

They aren’t moving…

Kiara, Diya, Sanjay …

He felt that the moist eyes of Kiara are not her tears but the reflection of his in her eyes. There isn’t any love left in her. He ain’t got time to think about it. Water rushed into his body, as he was unable to be on the water surface. He felt the pressure of water building upon him. He once read that a healthy human can stay under water for two minutes.

120 seconds. A terrible countdown for one’s life.



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the edges of a Rubik’s cube (1/4)

An old Cherokee ran into the foggy morning on the day of March the fifth. Even the oval headlight of the car can’t see the mysterious road ahead. It’s stunned by the high-range irregularities of the national highway in Goa. In spite of them, car ensured the luxury for the two lost people, one of which is humming at the old record of the Beatles collection.

Viewing side mirror of the car, he couldn’t resist.


“Maybe not to betray you ” murmured a fluent voice, without diverting his eyes from his phone. He knows how difficulties come closer without being spotted as one. Once he is an IITian who finds himself enjoying his dream, now happened to be humming, while some stranger who just hired him, asks about the instruction on the mirror.

“or to see the fear in you…” can a rough voice warned to be cautious.

How can this little complete the work?  He thought.

“Have any plan to talk business?”  The kid asked with a drugged voice, lighting up his cigar.

‘Business’ word looked as a little weird to him. Killing people isn’t a business.

“Be patient, you will see. No smoke in here, Carl “he ordered.

“Sorry, Old habits” retorted back his cigar into a well-packed box.

As Carl was about to ask his name, a message interrupted his boss.

Quite a while, Carl famed as a go-to man for drugs and explosives. He knows how precisely customer needs the things for. Now, he is taking the time to read the mystery man, as an expert.

Humiliated by betrayal, Lit with revenge. Carl thought, seeing his dark face not even able to find happiness in it.

Mystery man took a fierce drift as his one hand busy reading the message. Due to it, a shiny card flashed on the feet of Carl from the car’s deck. An identity card.

“Rastogi Dutta” it came out loud as if testing it to pronounce for the first time.

Rastogi remembered that the only one person who dared to call him as so was his boss. Cursed upon the furious history, he picked his card and thrown firmly out of the window.

Yet, the episodes of his past still ran through his sub-conscious.


“Rastogi Dutta, Please continue” Mr. Ashok ordered him.

Rastogi came to start his performance. He was a little nervous at the situation. Environment thinned their layers to make his speech audible.  Gray-haired officials who were ready to note waited a long second to listen to his views. From the corner of a table, a beautiful voice whispered in saying “It’s okay. Keep it simple”.

Finally, with quite a luck, his presentation ended with appreciation.

“You said something in the meeting. Didn’t you? “Rishaan asked.

“Yes, I said that I love you” Kiara replied, holding his arms.

“I would too if you weren’t my boss daughter ” Rishaan chuckled as to tease her.

“I don’t understand. What does that mean? “With a little serious in her tone.

“Sorry, I am just kidding. Listen, I may not be sure to keep you happy, but I will always be there as long as it takes to find it. You are the most precious gift I ever had. I always love you and I believe every word in it “with a purity in his vocal.

“God, Where do you get those lines?” with a smile escaping through her face. Rishaan did saw her moist eyes that meant to be her reply.



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