@13-04-18/ A solo trek on Vellagiri hills.

If I had known the outcome, I wouldn’t have continued my trip. I can’t wonder how perfectly the stories are aligned to make my trekking a terrific experience. My first amateurish solo trek of 1778 meters high hill, on a chilled night, accompanied by a heavy rain…


I must confess that life felt truly short when it tested my grit. Yet Lord Shiva seemed to have other plans for me.

From the Coimbatore bus stand to Poondi, I met a seventeen-year-old local traveler and told about his experience on trekking the seven hills. He said that the vellagiri hills are famously named as ‘The southern Kailash’. Also said that as I am making my journey alone to the Shiva, it would give me a lot of blessing. On the ground, I saw a lot many people taking selfies with a 34 meter, half-eyed Shiva statue and,


“I know you are looking at that mountain. Maybe I would give you a good look when I reach the top…” I said, and The Shiva seem to take it a little too serious.

A 23-year-old, who knew nothing knew about trekking might expect the journey to be picturesque. It would be if we make less effort to see the sunset with a camera having a perfect lense

With three Tamil friends, I started on the first hill with a backpack (Rug, Eatables and a novel). As one of them is a little fat, I’ve lost their track at the third hill. At the fifth mountain, It started to rain. And then, a bit more heavily. I couldn’t afford the thought that I would slip. I took the every another step I could and even after, it seems to be a little further.

And it came to me,

“Now that you are watching me and the fact that I’m alive to notice, I want you to stop the rain for us to meet…” I said to Shiva on taking a leap.

With a wet backpack that I haven’t noticed and my body pouring more sweat than the drizzle, I managed to say ‘thanks’ to the statue beside a rock. And all I’ve got is a half coconut, a banana and two pockets of ash.

I wasn’t angry, not frustated, certainly not disappointed. All I’ve got was the few moments of silence with no desire. I prefer to call, the immortal feeling. 

As for a reply, The Shiva seem to say, “It isn’t finished…”


With a broken bamboo stick at one end, while the cold wind started to tell the horrific tales, I began to climb down…


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the dead corpse (1/4)

The window of five minutes on every morning walk slave my imaginations in terror. It is first of its kind to transform into something very peculiar.

“The funny thing, isn’t it?” My thick-skinned friend gave an awkward grin.

I would’ve yelled that the white skeleton of a human is not funny if only he had said it a month ago. When some people began to take notice of it in a graveyard unattended, they buried it yet the fantasies of the dead traveled quicker than any means. It is used to resurface every week, mostly depend on the depth.

Every eye caught the shape of a large jaw and a perfect set of tooth. Rumours became a myth and scripted for shiny things,

The lady with a mic read as she practiced.

“….began to come from far places and even began to take selfies with it. Locals say that the skeleton belongs to a governor in the British reign and he is known to be a good man to look after his people. As his greed began to overpower him, a saint cursed him that he would never die as his skeleton will also be alive, being a governor…”

I must confess that I am a little coward to step into such ludicrous affairs. Unfortunately, I have to say about my thick-skinned friend without which the story wouldn’t have begun.

The tall boy said to be born in the coastal region, neither tough nor ambitious but enough to cause trouble with an arrogant mind.

“Well, What do we do?” He asked me, while I joined him in the college.

“I don’t know. Let’s do something interesting.”  He thought for a while and,

“How about we break another bone of the governor?”

“Why? He is a dumb toy, sitting….Wait, how did you know about the broken bone?”

“I saw that on the TV.”

He isn’t looking at me and more importantly, he knows that I can find out.

“That’s too early for the news, isn’t it?”



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#I’ve completed my first novel, ‘the reporter and her boy’.

So, it is over. An idea I’ve begun to write as a short story broke the rules of my ‘quarterly stories’ and ended with twenty-one thousand words in the block. I must say that it took longer than I thought.

I wish to write many books as possible with confidence and of course, with an excellent storyline. Good news is that I am planning for my Kerala trip in December and hope to enjoy the journey.

Special thanks to you for digital encouragement and my friends from whom some of the characters are inspired.


Thank you for reading…

The book will be available as soon as possible.