the tale of a blue bulb (2/4)

The two friends meet at a coffee shop,

“The other day I heard about your shiny tie. You wanna talk about it? ” the other one didn’t say anything.

“I am your friend and perhaps, the only one. Tell me your next step.”

“What step..?”

“Are you kidding… Talk is that you are the guy who can talk to ghosts. They made you a local hero.”


“I don’t know. May be create a twitter account that says,” he changed the tone and said,”I am a ghostly reader…”

“Is that supposed to be funny ?”

“Is it not? you tell me. You’re the one who is screwing everyone with a fake story”

“It ain’t that and I need your help.”

“For what ?”

“We’re going to rob them.”

The rumors are incredible. Despite the search for truth, they pass along the thick walls made of concrete to every possible ear and into the voices of every desperate person. It took only three days to the owner to call the security guard. First thing he said,

“Do you think that I am a good man…?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Then why do you want to turn me into the other one ?”

“The green one.”

“Are you mocking me, boy. Your as…”

“I’m sorry but you can’t fire me, sir.”

“Why the hell is that…?”

“We both know that no one would come to watch over a mirrors place.”

It was the truth that made the owner call him, in spite of firing him.

“What in the god’s name do you want…?”

“I have a plan and you don’t need to be a good man to hear that.



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the tale of a blue bulb (1/4)

“Shut up, man,” he said to his friend, “I hear you talk nonsense day long…”
They agreed to have some drinks on this weekend. After some time, alcohol took control over the topic and turned it a little personal.
“You are just a drowsy security guard. Get that into that thick skull of yours and behave…” he continued.
His blue-eyed friend didn’t say a word and the night passed away.
The other day came with an announcement of meeting the people in the apartment.
“Why is it keep happening…?” says an old woman.
“It is the third incident in a row. Not everyone will have icy feet to slip on steps, do they.?” says a young man on a casual note.
“It is you to blame for doing nothing…” pointed to the owner of the apartment, to which he said, “ I’ve checked everything….”
Blue eyed man found that an hour had passed along the hassle of words.
At a verge of silence, he said aloud.
“I know the reason.”, numerous pair of eyes stares at him.”There is a spirit in the bulb…”
He went on to say the tale of a bulb which is on the corner of the stairs. Everyone was keen at the words as they need desperate reasons.
“Shut up and go to your work.” Said the owner to him and got the attention of curious eyes “We all know about his fancy talks. We will find a solution.”

Few days passed without much notice but the ripple of mystery went along…

An old woman used the tale of a blue bulb to scare the kids from screaming around her house…

The adults advised their kids ”there is no evil”, but they never saw any proof in their heart…

Some young people placed the cameras and let them record all night in the hope of spirits…

A writer who lives in the building wrote a column about an unfortunate incident involving the blue bulb…
He knows that his work had just begun.


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the sid’s narration (4/4)

Not often did the judge took time to personal appearances,

“I know, friend. The bill got me lucky .” said the judge over his phone.

The bill has been passed to make live coverage of court rulings on the request of people. Ninety-five percent of curious people say ‘aye’ to watch jury on the recent bomb attack. While the Sid walked into his house with a sheet of paper,

“Where have you been..?” asked his mother.

Pretending to be deaf, he increased the television volume.

“There he comes,..”

As the judge never liked his fat image in the mirror, he relayed his trust on good expressions.

The boss was the only man who stood lifeless in custody. The case was pretty strong against them. while the defense claims,

The thin man was delusional and …

Really, how often does that happen? Boss began to enjoy his thoughts.

The woman heard a lot of stories from him.

Few thousand bucks will make her write a novel.

“Yeah, I know he’s crazy. One day, he comes running and say, he was once a gladiator.” trying to look natural with her sheepish accent.

Why would anyone want this? who is my client? A client who can profit from everything…

His thoughts were interrupted by the next witness,

“How did you find the clip..?” Prosecutor asks the reporter.

“My husband…” She wiped her eyes, continues “ he was having an affair..” She made sure to get the attention.

Goddamn theatrics.

An unfortunate stream of thought led the boss to grin.

“Do you mean to insult the court ?” Judge stares at the boss.

The young Sid realized that his entire family was gathered to watch the ruling. While he was walking to his bedroom, he overheard a conversation,

“I would regret if I’ve missed any of it.”

“Yeah. The bill made it happen.”

“The bill, huh… I think the government has made a great decision before the election.”

The young Sid hold the paper and thought about how it landed on his own terrace.It might have produced a silly grin on Sid’s face but the euphoria of chasing his goal will prove to be everlasting.


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the sid’s narration (3/4)

“The massive suspected terrorist attack held several dead, yet the identities…” The radio shuttered due to lost signal in a four seated Cherokee.

The 27-year-old thought about those hand-picked victims for the operation,

“Bunch of douche bags,”

The oldest never imagined riding in a 2001 model car,

“Can’t you drive any faster, boy.” Mimicking his boss words, ‘You’ll keep low a profile.’Hell does that mean ?”

While the thin man was steering with a thought of woman at home, the boss says,

“It means not to shit bed while you’re out open..”

The audio clip went viral with an #eviltalk, claiming a conversation between a criminal and his affair.

“ It was your boy who did that..”

The thin man knows that he would be dead if only the boss weren’t his cousin.

“Enough..” said the boss, who orchestrated the entire plot.

It is not more than a week that he took a contract. He got the cliche reply of ‘someone wants it done’ for his question about the reason.

The part of his plan was to gather 12 dead bodies from the mortuary to place at the arena. He final words before the act were,

“Even if anyone gets caught, just remember that no one killed no one. Everyone stays innocent.” and ends up saying,” Make sure the contract to be intact.”

Frankly, he was bit disappointed to get a byproduct for his plan.

“Where is the woman..?” he asked, facing the thin man.


“The one you’ve hooked up with, boy..”

“I don’t know.”

Not a second has passed to let a familiar voice from the radio,

“I.. Now that I know that he’s a criminal, I can’t…” tension was stung by woman’s voice.

“We understand. Can you tell more about your conversation with him..?” The reporter asked.

“Yeah.,” She took an effortless breath, “He said that the victims are not alive even before the blast.”

The nightmare of thin man came alive and began to gather terrifying looks from the people around him. The sight of young Sid running across the road made his quivering hands to lose control on steering.


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the baited thought (4/4)

Rastogi was tied up at the corner of his own house. With the room full of scattered papers, he began to think that his plan is in motion. While the rhythm of footsteps is being heard, he looked at the camera and signaled.

The four masked man entered the house through the unlocked door. Those startled faces lit the stout man who was watching camera footage through his laptop,

“You stupid mortals…right into the trap.”

And his curiosity accelerated when the tall man is using a cell phone…

“Track the phone…Hope the big head is online.”

The voices are clumsy but clear enough to understand…

“Hello, sir… We’re doomed. There..”

“Who are you ?”

“happens to be another robbery. I think…”

“Who the hell are you..?”

“Someone might have got what we need…”

“What I need…I don’t..”

“I am sorry, sir. The plan you have proposed…” Then the voice stopped and the tall man looked right into the camera…

“Damn..” exclaimed by the men on the either side of the screen.

It was referred as a close escape and critics suspected that someone inside might have tipped them off. The call was traced and found a popular surprise.Yet no one noticed the smile of Rastogi in the reflection from a broken cameras while he made adieus with his masked friends.

It is no more than a week that the people in the room have met in a more formal meeting…

“He is a star politician…” one of them started the topic.

“And a ruthless, corrupted…No bad word can deny him.” said the other one.

“He has a plan for every crime. It is so damn organized.” replied the tall man and turned towards Rastogi, “Why are you so quiet..? ”

“I came from an interrogation..”

“What ?”

“But I have a thought that might just work…”

“What for ?”

“To make an action…”

Now, he is back in a police van with a lot of handshakes. A bundle of cameras and a microphone is given to him to answer…

“You helped to solve the case..How do you feel..?”

“What is your comments on the suspected politician..?”

“Mr.Rastogi, It might be a terrible night.Would you like to share..?”

And he said,

“Well, I was tied up.”

A crack of laughter went along the crowd and only the boy has reasons to enjoy it.

-The end-

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the baited thought (3/4)

The world happens to witness a lot of tales for the past two days, but the one that dragged two different people to a local coffee shop is quite an exceptional…

An anxious young boy and a tempered stout man.

Rastogi sat with a thumping beat careful enough to hide inside his T-shirt. His long forehead is sweating with the possibilities. His lips quoted “Even the worst can get me a good meal”.

The stout man entered with a careful eye…

Group of a strong man having their….

An old man with almost a null voice, asking for….

An elderly man waiting…

Yet everyone gossiped about the recent theft displaying on the television…

“Damn publicity.It is a poison.” stout man took his time to adjust in a chair. “Got anything?”.

“I…uh..think that they are not looting the houses… They are searching for something..”

“why do you say?”

“Even a bunch of idiots don’t go around stealing houses. They have a motive.” the boy took a bundle of currency notes and said,

“These are found near the vicinity…”

“It should in an evidence box..” policeman made a cry, “We might have got any prints left…”

“Exactly…You go around to find Mr.nobody fingers lay on those note, who is no way involved..”

“Careful, kid… You are going too far.”

“Okay. I gave you my thought.”

“What about your friend..?”

“He’s not coming out. Though he said that everyone was about six feet and heavily built…” he stopped but both know that he didn’t complete.


“The next robbery will be in my house…within two days.” said the boy.

“Don’t cook your imaginations…They aren’t your guests for dinner “.

“But they do like publicity.I might happen to have what they need. You guys made me mysterious”.

“Alright, if so, we all be waiting in a dark room.”

” Even better…We got to surprise them.”

The dawn passed with a thought incubating in the stout man.

While the hanging clock made a sound of an hour, Rastogi went out for fresh air. He entered a supermarket and met his four friends.

“Well, what’s next?” a tall man held onto a confident voice.

“Rob my house….”




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the baited thought (2/4)

The early hours of these days are much alike with a little variation in the weather conditions. It is a fact that the humidity causes irritation.

“Why should I buy you gloves every day ? ” he paused to remember something, “Don’t your university provide one ?”

“There is a say that the empty mind can be a good hand. I do need a good luck, don’t I ?” his sister teased.

After a bit of negotiation, he took a walk onto the street.

As the regular shop was closed, he cursed the fate to walk an extra mile. The cursed fate avenged with a mud water splashing on his face on the behalf of a car speeding ahead. With a few steps ahead of the shop, he decided to buy the gloves and washed his face.

“Why are you late ?” his mother asks for a reason.

“perhaps ‘for who’ is the right question..”


“Maybe he’s around to say hello to someone special…”

She knows who it is, yet to see her brother nervous make her happy.

Without any comments, he left home for a walk.

A stern voice startled him,

“Are you Rastogi..?” a policeman questioned.

I was made to sit in an empty room behind a desk. Few murmurs from a glass wall and a camera made to think of him as a witness for an interrogation. He was not proven wrong until a casual questionnaire turned into a debate and,

“Why did you do the theft ?”

With the aid of his memory, he quoted every happening of the past few days with the approximation by minutes. After an hour, they let him go and advised to stay in sight.

It was too hard for a Sherlockian spirit to leave a crime scene.

“ but I know a friend who said that he saw them….”

“Where?” eyes of the middle-aged stout man brightened, unlike the usual dull face went on a display for more than an hour.

“On crime.”

“Who is your friend?”  he began to note down.

“Unless I join you to find them..”

“Look, son…This is no game to start sliding with us. Now, tell me about your friend or I see you in court..”

Here is a puzzle to the boy. He knows that this is his last chance to call his bluff and get on with his life.

“My friend is very persuasive in authoring a tale..”

“A lie..?”

“Depends on how you propose, sir”

“Alright, I had enough of this… why is that grin..?”

“I know what this case made of, sir. I know every corner of our street. Your two-month operation leads to a dead end…right towards me. Besides, what do you lose…?”

The courage of the boy made it as a reasonable offer. The officer took a closer look at the boy,

“Get out. Too many are watching us…”



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