the boy with one shoe (4/4)

…in the forest. The police searched the area and arrested a few suspects. There was a group of five people along with a boy of mid-twenties caught while hunting the wild animals. Everyone wondered how an undercover drug operation could’ve failed to catch a single accused…

…a bank at five in the evening. A group of four people disguised in uniforms barged into the bank and called for an emergency evacuation for the people. One of the victims said,

“City is going to drown, they shouted. All we could hear was the hustle of horns and a lot of chaos on the streets. They said that they are providing a transport. I didn’t know that they are going to rob us on…” She reported the heist as utterly inhumane and could be considered as worst times…

…report on the accident stats that fifty people were injured and several of them were in critical condition. Among them were a boy and a couple who seem to undergo a surgery in two days…


“For us…” the young man offered a toast to the boy. He knew that the plans of the boy were flawless. It seems like a riddle for the cops easy enough to solve, yet none could think of the original plot. The boy offers the distraction and everyone finds it comfortable.

“Boss wanted to see you.” he continued, “Congratulations…”

He never heard the boy speak in a sentence.

After two and half years,

….skills took this classy entrepreneur to new heights. An orphan who recently became popular as Steve Jobs. Jr after his talk at Ted-talks. Even though he didn’t have much…

….The people of his village gave a lavish welcome to the young Jobs, and some went on to say that they were very proud of his achievements. One of the leaders in the village said,

“I always know that there was something different in the boy. I gave him the money and showed him the destiny.”

“he always wear one shoe and I didn’t forget his look when I bought him an another,” said a villager…

The boy as ever displayed a deaf-ear to their whispers and walked towards the church. He learned that the father passed away due to intestinal cancer.

He sat on his favorite chair and flipped a shoe of his leg.

“How lovely a day could you expect…”


-The end-

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the boy with one shoe (3/4)

The streets are narrow yet, very familiar to his hometown. Three months have passed in rainy days with unusual visits of the hot sun.
He managed to make money, but he misses the part where he can sit quietly. He sits in his chair viewing the nearby railway station and looks at the joy of traveling people and the mist of black air.
One day, while he was walking from the work, a strange thing occurred in the life of the boy.
Within the instant, his pockets seemed heavy after passing from a crowd.
While his fingers shared the moment of surprise, voices yelled in the background. His instincts made him turn and,
“You….bastard… How’d you like now, huh?” policemen said, wrestling a young man onto the ground.
When he was on his feet, he tried to attack the boy.
“I’m going to kill you. You made a mistake of your life.” the young man continued to swear the boy.
The boy looked confused and turned around to make sure that those words represent someone. But every pair of eyes looked at him with awe, mumbling the reason while few tried to applaud the boy’s courage.
After few hours,
“Why would he the….” Inspector resisted the temper, unable to ask the same question,” I don’t understand.”
Neither did the boy.
On the night of the third week, while the boy couldn’t manage to sleep, someone knocked the door.
It was a pure fear that made his mouth went dry,
“I know you’re in there…. Now, open the door or else, I am damn good to find a way in.” It was the same voice that took an oath to kill him.
The boy didn’t move an inch.
The young man broke the rusted doorknob with ease and came near to the boy,
“Now, where is the package…?”
The boy directed his forefinger to a pile of clothes. The young man searched them and with the package in hand, he looked at the boy.
“Thank god, I thought you lost it.” His voice was now casual, “These worth…”
The look on the boy’s face stopped him,
“Stupid, isn’t it? but how could I ever trace you back in this large city, huh?” he covered the package.
While he was leaving, he turned and said,
“You could be a little more helpful, you know.”



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the tale of a blue bulb (4/4)

It came as a moment of guilt to betray his blue-eyed friend but he finds that the offer is too good to ignore.

“We have ten minutes to find the secret of old woman…” Said the owner, checking his watch.

“What…? You said that the police are on their way.”

“I’ve informed them the wrong flat. It would give us a gap of fifteen minutes before the search bloc finds the right one.” The owner got on his feet,’’ Hurry up, let’s join your friend.”

When they got to the old woman’s house, the blue-eyed man said,

“Come on, you done takin’ your sweet time…”

In the neighborhood of room no 301, a writer was awake in his thoughts…

The door gave no resistance for the three members to sneak inside the room. When the old lady spotted them from the kitchen, her thin voice yelled a word repeatedly in a strange language.

It has been two weeks that the writer hasn’t written a word. His new home was noisy and he quoted that it was infected by little ones. The shrill sound of the old lady along with the sight of thunderous weather gave him enough spark to write the last piece of his novel.The clouds did their final part of the ritual and landed water drops on the building.

“Calm down, lady… we mean no harm.” said the owner and her movement of lips are all they could see.

“Check the room…I got her.” continued the blue-eyed man,”Careful with the electricity.”


While the young man who came left the old woman’s home, stood motionless on the staircase at the sight of policemen as they hurried to room no 201. The old building aided the raindrops to become invincible along the walls. A drop messed with the electricity and the bulb in the staircase exploded.

“A shot being fired…I repeat.” Intercom kept buzzing, “Perhaps, from upstairs.”

The owner finally opened a trunk box and roared,

The stack of millions

The blue-eyed man couldn’t understand the old woman’s language. The tears keep falling from her cheeks yet she kept smiling.

The policemen who came before the scheduled time keep shouting at them to be the floor. While two of them tried to escape, the blue-eyed man held the old woman from shock.

“Wait…They are with..” said the blue-eyed man to her.

Witness said that there was a courage in the man to walk towards the policemen before the tranquilizers hit him. Police investigated the crime and the media added enough fuel for the attention. The blue-eyed man became famous to save an old woman from gunshots.

“She believes that he was her lost son…” said one of the detectives in crime.

“What…? A son..”

“Yeah. She showed me a photo.” he continued, “His blue eyes are a perfect match …”

“So, you say that he ain’t a criminal…?”

“I say,” he said his honest opinion.” he didn’t run away from the scene.”

While the alternative has been explored, the words vented into conversations. Within a week, the state sympathized the old woman’s story and united for their release.

“A reliable source says that the drugs busted at the corner…,” continued the reporter in an exclusive news.”It seems like her son came to rescue her mother at the time of need…”

“They say that some dangerous man threatened the old woman to use her house…” said an another.

“After twenty years, the lost son reached his mother…” said an another.

After two years, they were released due to the lack of enough evidence. The blue-eyed man neither knew why he was arrested nor how he got released after two years. But he was thankful enough to serve the old woman until the end.


-The end-

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the tale of a blue bulb (3/4)

The two friends sat along with owner to check the plan for one last time,

“Don’t be nervous. Trust our plan, bueno ? ” said the blue-eyed one.

“Are you sure? I mean, what if the old lady has nothing in her apartment.” asked the owner.

“Guys, I know her for two freaking years. Every week a shipment comes at her address. Whenever I ask her, she always dismissed the topic with a vague answer.”

“How exactly do you know it is a vague one ?”

“ She says that her TV was broken and her son bought a new one. Next time she says that her fridge wasn’t working and her son bought a new one. As far as I can see, something is going inside her house every week.”

“Or her son could be a good man…?” asked his friend.

“Either he can or can’t be. But, isn’t she too old to break a TV or to use a fridge ‘wasn’t-working’ long? ”

“Anyway, I asked everyone to leave their apartments, to catch spirits as for your bulb-tales.” said the owner with a triumph look.”How could so many people fall for the same old trick…? Huge response for a spirit living in the bulb, eh.”

“They worship Gods and fear the Devils as well.”  said the one.

“Good people. I bet they watch a lot of horror movies.” replied the other.

Three people chose a spot from which the old woman’s house was clearly visible.

A few minutes later, a young man seems to emerge from her house. He was a heavy man with a bald head.

“Look, that’s her son.”

No one knew that the plan of blue-eyed man was initiated a few minutes earlier. The police gathered below the building,

“Oh God, Look at the ground. Police. How the hell did they know…?” asked his friend.

“It’s alright, man. Surprise part of my plan. They’re rented ones, courtesy of the owner.” continued the blue-eyed man, “Quick, follow me.”

His friend took his binoculars and looked closely at the policemen. His jail-times taught him a great deal to judge the figures. Those quick moments and the tough faces that reveal nothing but dominance. They are real ones.When he turned to express his doubts, his friend was already halfway to the old woman’s house.

When he turned his head to express his doubt, his friend was already halfway to the old woman’s house.

When he turned towards the owner, a sly-look greeted him.

“There lies no insult to choose a wise choice, Don’t you think ?” he paused to lower the voice, “Besides, the reward for the right call would be better on two halves.”



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the tale of a blue bulb (2/4)

The two friends meet at a coffee shop,

“The other day I heard about your shiny tie. You wanna talk about it? ” the other one didn’t say anything.

“I am your friend and perhaps, the only one. Tell me your next step.”

“What step..?”

“Are you kidding… Talk is that you are the guy who can talk to ghosts. They made you a local hero.”


“I don’t know. May be create a twitter account that says,” he changed the tone and said,”I am a ghostly reader…”

“Is that supposed to be funny ?”

“Is it not? you tell me. You’re the one who is screwing everyone with a fake story”

“It ain’t that and I need your help.”

“For what ?”

“We’re going to rob them.”

The rumors are incredible. Despite the search for truth, they pass along the thick walls made of concrete to every possible ear and into the voices of every desperate person. It took only three days to the owner to call the security guard. First thing he said,

“Do you think that I am a good man…?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Then why do you want to turn me into the other one ?”

“The green one.”

“Are you mocking me, boy. Your as…”

“I’m sorry but you can’t fire me, sir.”

“Why the hell is that…?”

“We both know that no one would come to watch over a mirrors place.”

It was the truth that made the owner call him, in spite of firing him.

“What in the god’s name do you want…?”

“I have a plan and you don’t need to be a good man to hear that.



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the baited thought (4/4)

Rastogi was tied up at the corner of his own house. With the room full of scattered papers, he began to think that his plan is in motion. While the rhythm of footsteps is being heard, he looked at the camera and signaled.

The four masked man entered the house through the unlocked door. Those startled faces lit the stout man who was watching camera footage through his laptop,

“You stupid mortals…right into the trap.”

And his curiosity accelerated when the tall man is using a cell phone…

“Track the phone…Hope the big head is online.”

The voices are clumsy but clear enough to understand…

“Hello, sir… We’re doomed. There..”

“Who are you ?”

“happens to be another robbery. I think…”

“Who the hell are you..?”

“Someone might have got what we need…”

“What I need…I don’t..”

“I am sorry, sir. The plan you have proposed…” Then the voice stopped and the tall man looked right into the camera…

“Damn..” exclaimed by the men on the either side of the screen.

It was referred as a close escape and critics suspected that someone inside might have tipped them off. The call was traced and found a popular surprise.Yet no one noticed the smile of Rastogi in the reflection from a broken cameras while he made adieus with his masked friends.

It is no more than a week that the people in the room have met in a more formal meeting…

“He is a star politician…” one of them started the topic.

“And a ruthless, corrupted…No bad word can deny him.” said the other one.

“He has a plan for every crime. It is so damn organized.” replied the tall man and turned towards Rastogi, “Why are you so quiet..? ”

“I came from an interrogation..”

“What ?”

“But I have a thought that might just work…”

“What for ?”

“To make an action…”

Now, he is back in a police van with a lot of handshakes. A bundle of cameras and a microphone is given to him to answer…

“You helped to solve the case..How do you feel..?”

“What is your comments on the suspected politician..?”

“Mr.Rastogi, It might be a terrible night.Would you like to share..?”

And he said,

“Well, I was tied up.”

A crack of laughter went along the crowd and only the boy has reasons to enjoy it.

-The end-

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the baited thought (3/4)

The world happens to witness a lot of tales for the past two days, but the one that dragged two different people to a local coffee shop is quite an exceptional…

An anxious young boy and a tempered stout man.

Rastogi sat with a thumping beat careful enough to hide inside his T-shirt. His long forehead is sweating with the possibilities. His lips quoted “Even the worst can get me a good meal”.

The stout man entered with a careful eye…

Group of a strong man having their….

An old man with almost a null voice, asking for….

An elderly man waiting…

Yet everyone gossiped about the recent theft displaying on the television…

“Damn publicity.It is a poison.” stout man took his time to adjust in a chair. “Got anything?”.

“I…uh..think that they are not looting the houses… They are searching for something..”

“why do you say?”

“Even a bunch of idiots don’t go around stealing houses. They have a motive.” the boy took a bundle of currency notes and said,

“These are found near the vicinity…”

“It should in an evidence box..” policeman made a cry, “We might have got any prints left…”

“Exactly…You go around to find Mr.nobody fingers lay on those note, who is no way involved..”

“Careful, kid… You are going too far.”

“Okay. I gave you my thought.”

“What about your friend..?”

“He’s not coming out. Though he said that everyone was about six feet and heavily built…” he stopped but both know that he didn’t complete.


“The next robbery will be in my house…within two days.” said the boy.

“Don’t cook your imaginations…They aren’t your guests for dinner “.

“But they do like publicity.I might happen to have what they need. You guys made me mysterious”.

“Alright, if so, we all be waiting in a dark room.”

” Even better…We got to surprise them.”

The dawn passed with a thought incubating in the stout man.

While the hanging clock made a sound of an hour, Rastogi went out for fresh air. He entered a supermarket and met his four friends.

“Well, what’s next?” a tall man held onto a confident voice.

“Rob my house….”




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