the sid’s narration (2/4)

“I love you,” They said to each other but neither did they mean it.

It is meant to be a sound of comfort to claim a happy life.

She went out of the bed to attend a phone call.

After a few minutes,

“What is it? ” asked her husband, seeing the sudden shift of urgency.

“There seems to be an attack. I have to go…” her reporter’s voice came alive.

“Shall I drop you..?” he asked to make certain of his plans.

“No.. I’ll be fine.”

While she was driving away, he swiped a phone number.

“Hello, angel. Are you…” the unusual calmness of her startled him, “Are you alright ?”.

“Yeah. Just had a rough day.” Her voice made him think of their rough nights.

“I want…”

In an instant, Sid crashed with the woman on the other end.

She cursed the kid and when she picked her phone from the ground, it went blank.

“Nasty kids..” she turned to her left only to find a thin man staring,

“You moron, where have you been hiding..? you even made my life miserable,..” she began to sob,

“Wait, what happened..? ”

“Police questioned me for your ass. Said that you’ve involved in some bomb bullshit. Whatever, my clients…” She stopped at seeing a hint of nervousness in his face.

“You know…?”

“What..No way.” His expressions are not very hideous,

“You lying piece of…Get away from me.”

Neither of them knows that there was a keen ear on their conversation through her blank phone.

The news is too big for him. Even tougher to make a choice.

“Hi..You know, it’s goddamn mess on the streets. Anyway, you want to talk something..” the reporter said.

He began to say the news and anticipated a question even before she asked,

“How exactly do you know her..?”

He said the truth, seeking a lie would be too much to bear the guilt.

“Okay, Let’s help to catch them.” She said.

An impulse sparked at his spinal as ‘Okay’ in her voice was terrifying.



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the sid’s narration (1/4)

Holidays were not going along with the sid’s imagination. It only took first three days to prove him wrong. It was an ad commercial that finally got his nerve,

“Use our new germ-tech toothbrush to see and era…”

As he was walking away,

“Do you want to buy one, Sid? ” His mother asked casually.

“That one…” Pointing to the ad, “Why would I want to see my own germs on my smartphone..?”

“Maybe a 9-year-old can brush more..”

“Weird inventions… Why are they so aimless ?”

“Look at who is talking….” His mother smiled, “ Ask it yourself.”

To his surprise, he didn’t get a reply.

He went for a walk and bought some crayons.

An hour passed,

It was same paper as before except for…

It might be a god’s idea to sent a gush of air to elope the paper from the sid’s lap.His second thought was to let it go, but the first reminded him of his hour’s treasure.

He ran. Almost slipped, crashed but never got the paper off-sight.Unknowingly, sid’s narration for his run started a chain reaction.

He smiled when the thought of both having enough time to roam around crossed his mind.

Midst the pollution, he could see the date written on the piece of paper.




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#My curious case of life

It’s been a while I haven’t thought about what I did…

In brief, rejecting an offer of 3.5 CTC from a major IT company, I have joined a start-up on an average stipend. Being a mechanical engineering, I don’t see any interest to waste precious life for another two years to get a car and to be on a hunt for nothing. It is said that a 21-year old should take advice from elder people.

I honestly contradict it.

Often I saw many furious voices asking about what my plans were for the next ten years. After a few lectures, I realized that they have a most pathetic view on life. They have lived decades of life,  while sat before me with utmost pride of achievement and claim to have a pocket full of money, whatsoever with no integrity, waiting to enjoy at some point in their life, their innocence of belief on death as only comes at an old age perplexed me.

One of them has a bald head along with a bulging stomach, claims that he had two sons and that they are his achievements. One of them tried to convince me that I will be one percent successful if I follow the other way. And more interestingly, he said that they would be very happy if I succeed.

On June 13th,  2017

I have got an internship at a startup as a content writer. I was decided to make savings for a solo trip to Kerala.

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the baited thought (4/4)

Rastogi was tied up at the corner of his own house. With the room full of scattered papers, he began to think that his plan is in motion. While the rhythm of footsteps is being heard, he looked at the camera and signaled.

The four masked man entered the house through the unlocked door. Those startled faces lit the stout man who was watching camera footage through his laptop,

“You stupid mortals…right into the trap.”

And his curiosity accelerated when the tall man is using a cell phone…

“Track the phone…Hope the big head is online.”

The voices are clumsy but clear enough to understand…

“Hello, sir… We’re doomed. There..”

“Who are you ?”

“happens to be another robbery. I think…”

“Who the hell are you..?”

“Someone might have got what we need…”

“What I need…I don’t..”

“I am sorry, sir. The plan you have proposed…” Then the voice stopped and the tall man looked right into the camera…

“Damn..” exclaimed by the men on the either side of the screen.

It was referred as a close escape and critics suspected that someone inside might have tipped them off. The call was traced and found a popular surprise.Yet no one noticed the smile of Rastogi in the reflection from a broken cameras while he made adieus with his masked friends.

It is no more than a week that the people in the room have met in a more formal meeting…

“He is a star politician…” one of them started the topic.

“And a ruthless, corrupted…No bad word can deny him.” said the other one.

“He has a plan for every crime. It is so damn organized.” replied the tall man and turned towards Rastogi, “Why are you so quiet..? ”

“I came from an interrogation..”

“What ?”

“But I have a thought that might just work…”

“What for ?”

“To make an action…”

Now, he is back in a police van with a lot of handshakes. A bundle of cameras and a microphone is given to him to answer…

“You helped to solve the case..How do you feel..?”

“What is your comments on the suspected politician..?”

“Mr.Rastogi, It might be a terrible night.Would you like to share..?”

And he said,

“Well, I was tied up.”

A crack of laughter went along the crowd and only the boy has reasons to enjoy it.

-The end-

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the baited thought (3/4)

The world happens to witness a lot of tales for the past two days, but the one that dragged two different people to a local coffee shop is quite an exceptional…

An anxious young boy and a tempered stout man.

Rastogi sat with a thumping beat careful enough to hide inside his T-shirt. His long forehead is sweating with the possibilities. His lips quoted “Even the worst can get me a good meal”.

The stout man entered with a careful eye…

Group of a strong man having their….

An old man with almost a null voice, asking for….

An elderly man waiting…

Yet everyone gossiped about the recent theft displaying on the television…

“Damn publicity.It is a poison.” stout man took his time to adjust in a chair. “Got anything?”.

“I…uh..think that they are not looting the houses… They are searching for something..”

“why do you say?”

“Even a bunch of idiots don’t go around stealing houses. They have a motive.” the boy took a bundle of currency notes and said,

“These are found near the vicinity…”

“It should in an evidence box..” policeman made a cry, “We might have got any prints left…”

“Exactly…You go around to find Mr.nobody fingers lay on those note, who is no way involved..”

“Careful, kid… You are going too far.”

“Okay. I gave you my thought.”

“What about your friend..?”

“He’s not coming out. Though he said that everyone was about six feet and heavily built…” he stopped but both know that he didn’t complete.


“The next robbery will be in my house…within two days.” said the boy.

“Don’t cook your imaginations…They aren’t your guests for dinner “.

“But they do like publicity.I might happen to have what they need. You guys made me mysterious”.

“Alright, if so, we all be waiting in a dark room.”

” Even better…We got to surprise them.”

The dawn passed with a thought incubating in the stout man.

While the hanging clock made a sound of an hour, Rastogi went out for fresh air. He entered a supermarket and met his four friends.

“Well, what’s next?” a tall man held onto a confident voice.

“Rob my house….”




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the baited thought (2/4)

The early hours of these days are much alike with a little variation in the weather conditions. It is a fact that the humidity causes irritation.

“Why should I buy you gloves every day ? ” he paused to remember something, “Don’t your university provide one ?”

“There is a say that the empty mind can be a good hand. I do need a good luck, don’t I ?” his sister teased.

After a bit of negotiation, he took a walk onto the street.

As the regular shop was closed, he cursed the fate to walk an extra mile. The cursed fate avenged with a mud water splashing on his face on the behalf of a car speeding ahead. With a few steps ahead of the shop, he decided to buy the gloves and washed his face.

“Why are you late ?” his mother asks for a reason.

“perhaps ‘for who’ is the right question..”


“Maybe he’s around to say hello to someone special…”

She knows who it is, yet to see her brother nervous make her happy.

Without any comments, he left home for a walk.

A stern voice startled him,

“Are you Rastogi..?” a policeman questioned.

I was made to sit in an empty room behind a desk. Few murmurs from a glass wall and a camera made to think of him as a witness for an interrogation. He was not proven wrong until a casual questionnaire turned into a debate and,

“Why did you do the theft ?”

With the aid of his memory, he quoted every happening of the past few days with the approximation by minutes. After an hour, they let him go and advised to stay in sight.

It was too hard for a Sherlockian spirit to leave a crime scene.

“ but I know a friend who said that he saw them….”

“Where?” eyes of the middle-aged stout man brightened, unlike the usual dull face went on a display for more than an hour.

“On crime.”

“Who is your friend?”  he began to note down.

“Unless I join you to find them..”

“Look, son…This is no game to start sliding with us. Now, tell me about your friend or I see you in court..”

Here is a puzzle to the boy. He knows that this is his last chance to call his bluff and get on with his life.

“My friend is very persuasive in authoring a tale..”

“A lie..?”

“Depends on how you propose, sir”

“Alright, I had enough of this… why is that grin..?”

“I know what this case made of, sir. I know every corner of our street. Your two-month operation leads to a dead end…right towards me. Besides, what do you lose…?”

The courage of the boy made it as a reasonable offer. The officer took a closer look at the boy,

“Get out. Too many are watching us…”



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the baited thought (1/4)

The series of recent thefts made police clueless. In an eye of the expert, a certain applause for this perfect crime wouldn’t be a negotiation. The chain of pressure passed from the senior officials to the local policemen. The art of investigation grew to a desperate need to catch the culprit.

“You hear any unusual behavior ?” asked a police officer, a six feet tall man with fair brown skin texture. He didn’t wear a uniform to maintain a low profile in the remote area.

After informing the details of investigating a crime,

“I am not su….” said a middle-aged man, who was known as an owner of a medical store. Out of thousand customers that he welcomed with a cliche expression, he got an odd image revolving at that unusual word.

“A young boy, perhaps…”

“Yes? ”

“He bought a pair of surgical gloves. His face was covered with odd…brown paint, I guess.”

“So ?”

“Although he was in a hurry, he found enough time to glare at that building..” he pointed with a raising eyebrow at the opposite building.

“He might be waiting for someone.”

“Not if you have a phone to call at least once in the entire waiting..”

The point made by the owner is worth a look. But the curious eye of the policemen already began to fit the unsolved links.

No fingerprints     -Gloves.

Identity cover        -the brown paint.

The perfect plan   -trespassing around.

yet his thoughts conceived an unexpected turn in the story…



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the edges of a Rubik’s cube (4/4)

The engine of Chevrolet styleline Deluxe began to roar on a comfort of royalty. They were on the site of a Cherokee. Rastogi can’t console his heart and went on to say,

“Let’s do this”.

After a few minutes of the drive, a thud sound echoed from the tire and car hit the divider of the road.

“Is it the bomb?” Rishaan asked Carl.

“Yes,” Carl said, without any hesitation in his mind.

Rastogi stopped the car and ran towards the Chevrolet.  In a disfigured car, he saw three people groaning at the pain.

Kiara looked over to the Rastogi with a little consciousness.

“You…aliv.. “Kiara managed to get words. “Help…Plea”

“You leave me no choice, dear. If either of us have any patience on belief towards love, this wouldn’t have happened. “Rastogi said, as most of his voice is in pain.

Diya stopped to groan and Rastogi knows what happened.

“You motherfucker, I should have choked you to death rather than pushing you off ” Sanjay made his rat cry.

“You didn’t. but I can, “.

Rastogi left the spot as he smelled the petrol sprouting outside the tank. Without turning back, he left away in Cherokee.


This is the story of an old man who told me while we are traveling for a place. A very long journey indeed. I saw the most brutal men than him but something in him was much cruel. I asked him after his narration,


“Love… If either of us has any patience towards the belief in love, that wouldn’t have happened. It can destroy. I could have left her to live but I can’t do that. I loved her in a way that I ought to the only person to show her the otherwise.That’s what I regretted every day for not to be cautious.”

Not many people that I have met confessed. After all, I need to do my job irrespective of their stories. People often used to wonder about me. Wonder about how I could sustain in an evil life. Answer is simple and easy,

“I don’t have a soul to love.”

I am the other side of life…

I could see a screen which is considered to be a Rastogi’s heart-beat. He is in a place where I often used to come.

“ How do you feel to be alive? ”

“Life is an endless space of emotions. Yet it felt to be on the edge. To jump onto edges as a sane conclusion, like a Rubik’s cube…”

Within minutes screen went blank, which is an indication of the end.

Never experiencing the love in my life, it felt to be a sacred thing to earn it. A cautious thing as hatred, caused by love is a lethal weapon that there is no control for.


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the edges of a Rubik’s cube (3/4)

Nicholas is in surveillance room operating the locations of underwater drone in a special ship. He sits on the chair recording things which he feels obligated for a research study. As long as he gets a good pay, he didn’t mind the idiocy of scientists ripping the ocean only to find a clear dirt.

One evening, while he was busy on completing a level of candy crush on his phone, A proximity alarm beeped from one of the drones. Something is approaching it.

“What the hell is that?” a tall man, who is considered as captain of the ship asked Nicholas.

“Nothing sir, it’s just a …..” he waited to see the object on the screen, which caused the alarm.

“Shit, it’s a human,” Nicholas exclaimed.

“It’s deep. We can’t send help, you know that “he said. No one argues with the captain.

Quick action prevented damage but a rotor blade struck on to the drowned man.

They tried. At each phase of an effort, it looked as if they made it.

“Damn it…On the very last day..” the tall man ran towards the open space in the ship.

“Grab the gear. Got a problem on drone 115-A.” he ordered his comrades.

Finally, Rastogi was saved on a rescue plan for a drone.,

They yelled…

“Don’t get into water if you dunno how to swim, boy”

“Say one hellish way to die…”

“Get your ass on the land…”

and left him on the beach of Goa with a torn shirt. Every valid source of money was swallowed by the ocean except his watch.

Still ticking.

He made a few bucks by selling it. Now, he needs a payback. Payback his pain to someone who betrayed him. Rastogi learned from his friend that the three of them were living in a hotel inGoa.

“We’re on time,” Rastogi said examining a message over his new phone.

“So, what’s the plan?” Carl asked.

“That’s the car. I want you to Implant a bomb that activates at certain point” Rishaan explained.

“Like a speed limit ..?”


“Why don’t you kill them with your hands rather than these?” Carl asked.

“Let them choose their fate. It’s a fair chance of survival. Besides I had a debt to repay”


Rastogi saw Kiara in a blazer chosen by him. He didn’t know that the life is full of mysteries. Diya, a respectful woman bitches her to lead his brother. Sanjay, who he always grateful to, paved his death plan.

It is a sort of life on the edges of a Rubik’s cube ready to be snapped out. Her love turned into an immense hatred on the account of disbelief. Their jealousy turned into a cruel intention.

Power? Jealous?  Desire?

He knows that everything Sanjay had done would be a trap, including Diya’s part. Sanjay would have soaked his sister’s affair in front of Kiara, suggesting an alternative. Not to affect her father’s fame, Kiara would have accepted Sanjay’s plan, to kill the betrayer.

“First, I know a good place to take you. I hope you would like it “Sanjay said to Kiara while leaving the apartment.

“Take it easy, Sanju. It will take some time “Diya said, as seeing Kiara leaving to the car without any comment.

“Fine, I’ll drive” Sanjay jumped onto the seat.



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the edges of a Rubik’s cube (2/4)

“The hell do you think of?  These files should represent prestige, not our weakness.”Mr. Ashok warned Sanjay, not to repeat it.

As Sanjay walked through the boss office, he saw Rastogi flirting with Kiara in her office.

Sanjay knows that it would be useless to inform boss because he already knows it.

“Are you alright?” A familiar voice consulted Sanjay.

“No, my boss just insulted me. And what is with that guy? He is just a junior and now, he will be the owner of this damn company after their marriage.” replied to Diya, regarding Rastogi.

“You’re jealous, brother” she replied to her twin brother.

On such a fruitful day for an evil plan to begin,

“Come on, It’s your day. Cheer up, man “Sanjay forced Rastogi on to take a glass of wine, who thereby tempted his promise to Kiara not to get drunk. On the eve of his engagement with Kiara, Rastogi drank till it felt no sense of alcohol having it on his tongue.

Experiencing the worst hangover, Rastogi woke up at the bright of a day. With all his efforts, he could see a butterfly resting beside him on the bed. A Flicker sensation sparked in wings, as he smoothened it with his fingers.

It’s alive but …

Something is wrong.. he thought.

After recovering from drowsiness, he saw it. It isn’t a butterfly that he thought of. It’s a tattoo of a butterfly on the back of a blonde-haired woman.

“Why the fuck are you in my room?” Diya screamed grabbing the blanket around her naked body.

Rastogi can’t even get hold of his breath.

What have I done? How the fuck did I end up on her bed.

“Look, I am sorry. I don’t know how this ….” his voice was interrupted by her screams.

“Get the fuck out of here”

“I am sorry.”



“You look nervous,” Kiara asked, adjusting her wedding gown.

“It’s the first thing happening in my life. So, I am “replied Rishaan, thinking about every possible outcome of the worst situation that may happen. Neither Sanjay nor Diya appeared for the wedding. Finally, wedding ended with the blessings of which Rastogi thought would be useless. He can neither stop the marriage nor overcome the guilt he had committed. He can’t undo what had happened, and so he planned to go with it. Kiara planned to go to an island near Goa. They were escorted in a Mercedes to the airport.

“Hi, how are you? You didn’t attend?”  Kiara asked almost instantly to her co-passenger.

As Rishaan was busy with the comfortabilities of the flight, a voice which is the source of the unforgettable-scream skipped his heartbeat. He knows exactly who she is.

“Hey, I am fine. Sorry for the absence. I got a very urgent work to do “Diya replied.

Kiara looked at Rishaan as if expecting a surprise from him at seeing Diya beside them. Not to get suspicious, he obeyed.

When the flight landed at the Dabolim Airport, Rastogi felt uncanny…his excitement seemed replaced by an unknown fear that he found very difficult to decipher. He didn’t know whether to reveal it to Kiara or to console Diya. Anything at this moment may lead to the disaster. Diya vanished in the airport without saying a word. From Goa, Rastogi purchased tickets to reach the island. The ship looked deserted.

“Are you alright? You seem tired. “Kiara asked.

“I am fine. Just a little sea sickness “he kissed her.

She says, “I will get something to drink”

As the cold breeze touches his skin, while the remorse feeling still on the face kept thinking about the past, a sudden force applied on made him fell into the water.

Rastogi felt that only half the newton of applied force required for the push. Other half tells Rastogi about the desire to kill him.  He swims hard to the brink of survival. He saw three people on the ship.

They aren’t moving…

Kiara, Diya, Sanjay …

He felt that the moist eyes of Kiara are not her tears but the reflection of his in her eyes. There isn’t any love left in her. He ain’t got time to think about it. Water rushed into his body, as he was unable to be on the water surface. He felt the pressure of water building upon him. He once read that a healthy human can stay under water for two minutes.

120 seconds. A terrible countdown for one’s life.



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