the desperate editor(3/4)

The editor is driving his car, rather furiously.

He had never jumped a signal nor crashed to an automobile nor had a bleeding nose nor seen a group of police cars glaring in his rear mirror.

On this unfortunate night, events unfolded when he decided to meet a stranger.  Well, the editor certainly wants to change the course of eight hours but he can’t…

“That stupid letter…” the editor resented.

“Oh..You think that this is going to be easy, Old man.” The stranger shouted, “Go fast for chr…”

“Shut the f…”

Eight hours ago, editor began to search for the details in the letter. He came to know that the frank’s son lost his share in the company and even served in jail for a few years. The local media recently wrote an article “the arrogant heir of nothing ” with a picture of him. It is clear for the editor’s eye that he is onto drugs. The editor follows a thread of contact and finally,

The editor meets the prodigal son at the twelfth hour at an abandoned warehouse. He removes the fluids and began to wake the son.

“Harry,..” the editor asks to confirm as he looked even worse than he was in the yesterday’s newspaper. Editor gets him to the car and began to drive, being ignorant of the future.


-Thank you for reading.

the desperate editor (2/4)

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