@14-04-18/ the value of life.

It wasn’t easy.

To trek down a two thousand, with a backpack that tries to push. I began to bargain for the inches of my life. On the early clock of 14-04-18, when my eyes began to anchor along with the shivering legs, I began to climb with fear and faith along the slope. Many experienced people passed me without any third leg (bamboo stick) but I decided not to rush.

It was as if my nerves were writing a code in zeros and ones. It goes as to step one leg at a place and if it stands good, go for one. If not, wait or skid as long as it takes a perfect stand.

Those minutes could prove how much I love my life. When I was climbing down the last mountain, even when the stones pierced into my feet, I couldn’t feel any pain. It wasn’t that there isn’t any pain…But the thought that I wasn’t falling down kept me occupied. Pain transformed as a tiny curve on the chart of life.

The story that I would never forget or never would have written if I haven’t made it. But I’ve experienced that my strength is stretchable to a limit that no one could imagine…

In the name of holy spirits, those moments seemed too valuable to ignore…

In the end, all I could do was to do an old man to climb the stair for the second floor and fell on the bed for three straight hours on the midtime of 14-04-18…



Thank you for reading…

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