@13-04-18/ A solo trek on Vellagiri hills.

If I had known the outcome, I wouldn’t have continued my trip. I can’t wonder how perfectly the stories are aligned to make my trekking a terrific experience. My first amateurish solo trek of 1778 meters high hill, on a chilled night, accompanied by a heavy rain…


I must confess that life felt truly short when it tested my grit. Yet Lord Shiva seemed to have other plans for me.

From the Coimbatore bus stand to Poondi, I met a seventeen-year-old local traveler and told about his experience on trekking the seven hills. He said that the vellagiri hills are famously named as ‘The southern Kailash’. Also said that as I am making my journey alone to the Shiva, it would give me a lot of blessing. On the ground, I saw a lot many people taking selfies with a 34 meter, half-eyed Shiva statue and,


“I know you are looking at that mountain. Maybe I would give you a good look when I reach the top…” I said, and The Shiva seem to take it a little too serious.

A 23-year-old, who knew nothing knew about trekking might expect the journey to be picturesque. It would be if we make less effort to see the sunset with a camera having a perfect lense

With three Tamil friends, I started on the first hill with a backpack (Rug, Eatables and a novel). As one of them is a little fat, I’ve lost their track at the third hill. At the fifth mountain, It started to rain. And then, a bit more heavily. I couldn’t afford the thought that I would slip. I took the every another step I could and even after, it seems to be a little further.

And it came to me,

“Now that you are watching me and the fact that I’m alive to notice, I want you to stop the rain for us to meet…” I said to Shiva on taking a leap.

With a wet backpack that I haven’t noticed and my body pouring more sweat than the drizzle, I managed to say ‘thanks’ to the statue beside a rock. And all I’ve got is a half coconut, a banana and two pockets of ash.

I wasn’t angry, not frustated, certainly not disappointed. All I’ve got was the few moments of silence with no desire. I prefer to call, the immortal feeling. 

As for a reply, The Shiva seem to say, “It isn’t finished…”


With a broken bamboo stick at one end, while the cold wind started to tell the horrific tales, I began to climb down…


-Thank you for reading…

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