@12-04-18/ Along the way to coimbatore.

Everything went so incredibly perfect. Events that link to form unforgettable memories yet terrifying. The train that arrived at 12:20 in the morning and fortunate departure at the exact location, which is near to the bus station. The happenings inside the train are usual as in every Indian rail travel.

the rays from the east…

In particular, The president of mid-thirties commanded the air on the debate of politics and argued that the status of poor people is getting even poorer while the benefits of such laws are enjoyed by higher class. I often couldn’t believe how good the expressions become a great asset to a storyteller. He always adds the word, “Whether you believe it or not…” before any answer or for any statistics. He went on to talk about the attitude of Kerala people and opportunities in Bangalore. As the current in our compartment was little dim, President went to talk to the local station manager and solved the problem. There are many characters that made my journey awesome. For instance,


Enroute to Coimbatore. along with three fellow strangers/friends watching my camera feed…   

Joke-A-Lot – A character that can make a joke at any given time. If the train moves slow, he responds. If the voice of a samosa seller is different…

Sir-Lazy – I couldn’t understand what he was. Even when I asked him to move his legs from my seat, it took him an eternity to act. I thought that his time is too slow for a human.

And it was as if the casting was chosen in a way that no two persons acquire the same attitude.

In Coimbatore, I have decided to climb the seven mountains to reach the Kailash located at Poondi. Sure, it was a hasty decision. I mean, the first solo travel to get trekking experience on a hill that I’ve no idea, in the chilled night.

I didn’t know that I would’ve to experience the most terrific moments of my life on 13-04-2018.



-Thank you for reading…

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