the tale of a blue bulb (4/4)

It came as a moment of guilt to betray his blue-eyed friend but he finds that the offer is too good to ignore.

“We have ten minutes to find the secret of old woman…” Said the owner, checking his watch.

“What…? You said that the police are on their way.”

“I’ve informed them the wrong flat. It would give us a gap of fifteen minutes before the search bloc finds the right one.” The owner got on his feet,’’ Hurry up, let’s join your friend.”

When they got to the old woman’s house, the blue-eyed man said,

“Come on, you done takin’ your sweet time…”

In the neighborhood of room no 301, a writer was awake in his thoughts…

The door gave no resistance for the three members to sneak inside the room. When the old lady spotted them from the kitchen, her thin voice yelled a word repeatedly in a strange language.

It has been two weeks that the writer hasn’t written a word. His new home was noisy and he quoted that it was infected by little ones. The shrill sound of the old lady along with the sight of thunderous weather gave him enough spark to write the last piece of his novel.The clouds did their final part of the ritual and landed water drops on the building.

“Calm down, lady… we mean no harm.” said the owner and her movement of lips are all they could see.

“Check the room…I got her.” continued the blue-eyed man,”Careful with the electricity.”


While the young man who came left the old woman’s home, stood motionless on the staircase at the sight of policemen as they hurried to room no 201. The old building aided the raindrops to become invincible along the walls. A drop messed with the electricity and the bulb in the staircase exploded.

“A shot being fired…I repeat.” Intercom kept buzzing, “Perhaps, from upstairs.”

The owner finally opened a trunk box and roared,

The stack of millions

The blue-eyed man couldn’t understand the old woman’s language. The tears keep falling from her cheeks yet she kept smiling.

The policemen who came before the scheduled time keep shouting at them to be the floor. While two of them tried to escape, the blue-eyed man held the old woman from shock.

“Wait…They are with..” said the blue-eyed man to her.

Witness said that there was a courage in the man to walk towards the policemen before the tranquilizers hit him. Police investigated the crime and the media added enough fuel for the attention. The blue-eyed man became famous to save an old woman from gunshots.

“She believes that he was her lost son…” said one of the detectives in crime.

“What…? A son..”

“Yeah. She showed me a photo.” he continued, “His blue eyes are a perfect match …”

“So, you say that he ain’t a criminal…?”

“I say,” he said his honest opinion.” he didn’t run away from the scene.”

While the alternative has been explored, the words vented into conversations. Within a week, the state sympathized the old woman’s story and united for their release.

“A reliable source says that the drugs busted at the corner…,” continued the reporter in an exclusive news.”It seems like her son came to rescue her mother at the time of need…”

“They say that some dangerous man threatened the old woman to use her house…” said an another.

“After twenty years, the lost son reached his mother…” said an another.

After two years, they were released due to the lack of enough evidence. The blue-eyed man neither knew why he was arrested nor how he got released after two years. But he was thankful enough to serve the old woman until the end.


-The end-

Thank you for reading…

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