the baited thought (4/4)

Rastogi was tied up at the corner of his own house. With the room full of scattered papers, he began to think that his plan is in motion. While the rhythm of footsteps is being heard, he looked at the camera and signaled.

The four masked man entered the house through the unlocked door. Those startled faces lit the stout man who was watching camera footage through his laptop,

“You stupid mortals…right into the trap.”

And his curiosity accelerated when the tall man is using a cell phone…

“Track the phone…Hope the big head is online.”

The voices are clumsy but clear enough to understand…

“Hello, sir… We’re doomed. There..”

“Who are you ?”

“happens to be another robbery. I think…”

“Who the hell are you..?”

“Someone might have got what we need…”

“What I need…I don’t..”

“I am sorry, sir. The plan you have proposed…” Then the voice stopped and the tall man looked right into the camera…

“Damn..” exclaimed by the men on the either side of the screen.

It was referred as a close escape and critics suspected that someone inside might have tipped them off. The call was traced and found a popular surprise.Yet no one noticed the smile of Rastogi in the reflection from a broken cameras while he made adieus with his masked friends.

It is no more than a week that the people in the room have met in a more formal meeting…

“He is a star politician…” one of them started the topic.

“And a ruthless, corrupted…No bad word can deny him.” said the other one.

“He has a plan for every crime. It is so damn organized.” replied the tall man and turned towards Rastogi, “Why are you so quiet..? ”

“I came from an interrogation..”

“What ?”

“But I have a thought that might just work…”

“What for ?”

“To make an action…”

Now, he is back in a police van with a lot of handshakes. A bundle of cameras and a microphone is given to him to answer…

“You helped to solve the case..How do you feel..?”

“What is your comments on the suspected politician..?”

“Mr.Rastogi, It might be a terrible night.Would you like to share..?”

And he said,

“Well, I was tied up.”

A crack of laughter went along the crowd and only the boy has reasons to enjoy it.

-The end-

To read the ex-quarter, click the baited thought(3/4)

Thank you…

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