the baited thought (3/4)

The world happens to witness a lot of tales for the past two days, but the one that dragged two different people to a local coffee shop is quite an exceptional…

An anxious young boy and a tempered stout man.

Rastogi sat with a thumping beat careful enough to hide inside his T-shirt. His long forehead is sweating with the possibilities. His lips quoted “Even the worst can get me a good meal”.

The stout man entered with a careful eye…

Group of a strong man having their….

An old man with almost a null voice, asking for….

An elderly man waiting…

Yet everyone gossiped about the recent theft displaying on the television…

“Damn publicity.It is a poison.” stout man took his time to adjust in a chair. “Got anything?”.

“I…uh..think that they are not looting the houses… They are searching for something..”

“why do you say?”

“Even a bunch of idiots don’t go around stealing houses. They have a motive.” the boy took a bundle of currency notes and said,

“These are found near the vicinity…”

“It should in an evidence box..” policeman made a cry, “We might have got any prints left…”

“Exactly…You go around to find Mr.nobody fingers lay on those note, who is no way involved..”

“Careful, kid… You are going too far.”

“Okay. I gave you my thought.”

“What about your friend..?”

“He’s not coming out. Though he said that everyone was about six feet and heavily built…” he stopped but both know that he didn’t complete.


“The next robbery will be in my house…within two days.” said the boy.

“Don’t cook your imaginations…They aren’t your guests for dinner “.

“But they do like publicity.I might happen to have what they need. You guys made me mysterious”.

“Alright, if so, we all be waiting in a dark room.”

” Even better…We got to surprise them.”

The dawn passed with a thought incubating in the stout man.

While the hanging clock made a sound of an hour, Rastogi went out for fresh air. He entered a supermarket and met his four friends.

“Well, what’s next?” a tall man held onto a confident voice.

“Rob my house….”




Thank you for reading…

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