the baited thought (1/4)

The series of recent thefts made police clueless. In an eye of the expert, a certain applause for this perfect crime wouldn’t be a negotiation. The chain of pressure passed from the senior officials to the local policemen. The art of investigation grew to a desperate need to catch the culprit.

“You hear any unusual behavior ?” asked a police officer, a six feet tall man with fair brown skin texture. He didn’t wear a uniform to maintain a low profile in the remote area.

After informing the details of investigating a crime,

“I am not su….” said a middle-aged man, who was known as an owner of a medical store. Out of thousand customers that he welcomed with a cliche expression, he got an odd image revolving at that unusual word.

“A young boy, perhaps…”

“Yes? ”

“He bought a pair of surgical gloves. His face was covered with odd…brown paint, I guess.”

“So ?”

“Although he was in a hurry, he found enough time to glare at that building..” he pointed with a raising eyebrow at the opposite building.

“He might be waiting for someone.”

“Not if you have a phone to call at least once in the entire waiting..”

The point made by the owner is worth a look. But the curious eye of the policemen already began to fit the unsolved links.

No fingerprints     -Gloves.

Identity cover        -the brown paint.

The perfect plan   -trespassing around.

yet his thoughts conceived an unexpected turn in the story…



Thank you for reading……

To read the next quarter, click the baited thought(2/4).

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