the edges of a Rubik’s cube (1/4)

An old Cherokee ran into the foggy morning on the day of March the fifth. Even the oval headlight of the car can’t see the mysterious road ahead. It’s stunned by the high-range irregularities of the national highway in Goa. In spite of them, car ensured the luxury for the two lost people, one of which is humming at the old record of the Beatles collection.

Viewing side mirror of the car, he couldn’t resist.


“Maybe not to betray you ” murmured a fluent voice, without diverting his eyes from his phone. He knows how difficulties come closer without being spotted as one. Once he is an IITian who finds himself enjoying his dream, now happened to be humming, while some stranger who just hired him, asks about the instruction on the mirror.

“or to see the fear in you…” can a rough voice warned to be cautious.

How can this little complete the work?  He thought.

“Have any plan to talk business?”  The kid asked with a drugged voice, lighting up his cigar.

‘Business’ word looked as a little weird to him. Killing people isn’t a business.

“Be patient, you will see. No smoke in here, Carl “he ordered.

“Sorry, Old habits” retorted back his cigar into a well-packed box.

As Carl was about to ask his name, a message interrupted his boss.

Quite a while, Carl famed as a go-to man for drugs and explosives. He knows how precisely customer needs the things for. Now, he is taking the time to read the mystery man, as an expert.

Humiliated by betrayal, Lit with revenge. Carl thought, seeing his dark face not even able to find happiness in it.

Mystery man took a fierce drift as his one hand busy reading the message. Due to it, a shiny card flashed on the feet of Carl from the car’s deck. An identity card.

“Rastogi Dutta” it came out loud as if testing it to pronounce for the first time.

Rastogi remembered that the only one person who dared to call him as so was his boss. Cursed upon the furious history, he picked his card and thrown firmly out of the window.

Yet, the episodes of his past still ran through his sub-conscious.


“Rastogi Dutta, Please continue” Mr. Ashok ordered him.

Rastogi came to start his performance. He was a little nervous at the situation. Environment thinned their layers to make his speech audible.  Gray-haired officials who were ready to note waited a long second to listen to his views. From the corner of a table, a beautiful voice whispered in saying “It’s okay. Keep it simple”.

Finally, with quite a luck, his presentation ended with appreciation.

“You said something in the meeting. Didn’t you? “Rishaan asked.

“Yes, I said that I love you” Kiara replied, holding his arms.

“I would too if you weren’t my boss daughter ” Rishaan chuckled as to tease her.

“I don’t understand. What does that mean? “With a little serious in her tone.

“Sorry, I am just kidding. Listen, I may not be sure to keep you happy, but I will always be there as long as it takes to find it. You are the most precious gift I ever had. I always love you and I believe every word in it “with a purity in his vocal.

“God, Where do you get those lines?” with a smile escaping through her face. Rishaan did saw her moist eyes that meant to be her reply.



Thank you for reading…

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