the missing adjective (3/4)

A broad eyed witch once told to a woman that her five-year-old boy would lead a mysterious life. The word “mysterious” is often tempting, as though a nerve of memory film the image of adventure.

While I sit beside a gifted typewriter, my vivid memory didn’t resist to remember the situation, as I reckon, happen to be on five weeks ago. I must confess that the episode of our escape has been the greatest day of my life. As for now, I found that the story of a man with a blue hat is a lie. I truly admired the journalist, as the story is nothing short of a reality.

I begin to gather the happenings of April, the 21st.

On such a sunny day, our hope seems to surface with a sight of the road, after a continuous search for civilization in the forest. The journalist seems tired except for her eyes being a controversy.

We need to cross the bridge..” she said, picking the advantage of Highland.

A stream of thoughts blocked our sense of being in the middle of the road. It was returned when a car screamed and made a halt not more than inches from us.

A teenager stepped out,

What the hell is….” there is a pause, anger changed to tense “ Oh, god…are you those two people..”

What ?”

I will give my car… Just don’t kill me, please..”

What the hell are you talking about..? ”

Take my car, man.. I won’t tell a soul.”

kid, calm down. I think you held us of someone.”

Are you not from the bus massacre? ”

We are..” I said, “ How do you know that? ”

“ I..How do…” he laughed.

He acted normal until she talked to him in a genuine calmness as if she inherited it. She explained the video inside the broken phone. In exchange, we came to know that the bridge is heavily guarded to catch us.

Most wanted people in the city. Are you kidding? ” I asked, as it is a terrible joke.

We are..Unless we show them this video..” She turned to the teenager and said,

We need your help.”

Uh..I am still uncertain of this whole thing..”

You can have the video.”

I didn’t ask.”

I insist..”

While the lust for fame gleamed in his eyes, the sound of two patrol officers seems to continue in our way.

With a sharp voice, I said

I have a plan.”



Thank you for reading…

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