the missing adjective (2/4)

The news spread throughout the city within no time imitating an outburst of airborne virus. Though, victims are curious of how things would lead the fate of two people…

An enthusiastic voice followed by a dramatic music,

“A terrible terrorist attack on a bus. Two found missing, mostly suspected as goons. Seat reservations say an elderly…“

A news spokesman standing near vicinity with exhilarating eyes as if it is the day he had been trained for.

Twitter came up with #coupleincrime,

Facebook gave their sympathies,

And all the other followed…

A while ago,

The two people quivering, gathered strength to the best they have.

They have lost blood and the wounds are still bleeding. Yet nothing in their life seems so horrific than to see a blood pool of people who are so alive in the near past. Few voices outside the bus set the motion of events…

In one fussy moment,

She grabbed a bag and they climbed out of the bus into the forest.


They ran so fast, till the feet detached from their senses as to let the reality of past sink behind them. The fact that something that requires his life on the queue of death shook him.


“Oh s….I don’t underst..d. Wha.. is.. they.. wan..?” his fatigue made a sick spell of words.

“ The off-road robbery.” the female voice is stern as if attained by experience.


“It was a set-up.”

Few ticks of clock passed before he began to realize that this is an organized murder at the expense of our lives.

“Why…? Risk to kill all passengers.”

“I know their reason. I want your help”

“That is the last thing I have expected to hear.”

She slipped her hand inside her dress,

“A broken phone ?”

“With the recording of killing a man, who was their primary target.”

“You say that we are in bad luck to travel with this man”

“Exactly…I suppose we are the loose ends.”

“And what help do you expect from me ?”

“To pass this phone to the right people..”

“Listen, woman. I thank you for saving in quite a hurtful way. These are the times that I consider myself lucky. So I can’t….”

He was amazed that she called him by his name though neither of them mentioned their whereabouts.

“Rastogi, the man with a blue hat is your father. I’m sorry.”

“What the hell are you talking about ?”

“He hired me. You are being under espionage for last two years..”

“Are you fucking kidding me?

“You are the only legal heir. He..”

“Who are you? ”

“As I said, I was a journalist. I just forgot to add an adjective.”

As the descending sun being the only witness to this conversation, it was  tempted to quote,

The one lying, yet

The other one is listening.



Thank you for reading…

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