he remembers nothing (2/4)

  September 21st, 1980.

Being a guard at the national prison, I can’t imagine how things go beyond this routine. Time surfs with the early ritual of head counts and a bread to start a day. Days are irrelevant for the life of a prisoner. They just have time to see, sun going from the east side of the sky to the other side.

“What is bothering you, Teddy? ” I asked one of the known guns.

“You know him..? The man in the corner of right wing”

Of course, he is named after numb-nuts, never talks a shit. Though everyone is scared of his figure, say goes as his bare hand made the reason enough to smash a police skull and to hold the bars.

“Yeah…Go on ”

“He started to make noise all through the night. As I shut him up, he asked me what he was doing in a prison. ”

“Hmm.Looks like the drug dealer lost his mind.”

“I think so, but what’s interesting is that he asked for a paper and a pen”

“What is that crazy has to write for..? One of his wives..? ”

“I don’t know. How many days does he have..?”

“At the end of this month.A week, I guess..”

A new disease started to spread through the prison. At first, we thought it was an old man’s cold, but it made five victims to death. Everyone suspected that someone found a way to take revenge on dogs.The strict law is implemented against visitors for some days. I took some of the night shifts at the order of warden as he said that he would seriously consider my raise.

As I made rounds through the cascading screams, I have reached to see numb-nuts. He was awake with long black hair covering his Scarface. As if he was working in his own living room, he made me look like a stranger interrupting his work.

“Out of curiosity, what the hell are you writing about ?”

He rolled a piece of paper and started to impersonate smoking. I lit a cigarette and flicked at his direction. He reached it and continued his old style of cigarette. I suddenly realized that this was his last night and said nothing. He smiled at me as if to convey that I would come to know.

The next morning, he was executed and among his long list of wishes, he addressed to give me the writings. I saw many people sentencing their final moments, but his expressions are quite difficult to understand.

October 21st, 1980.

As the plague continues to spread in the national prison, an unnamed source says that an officer was said to be infected and admitted to the local hospital. His nine-year-old son came to the hospital and he was the last person the officer spoke to.

“Are you going to be okay ? ” boy asked, holding something in his hands.

“Of course. I… What’s it ?”

“I thought that you might get bored ” He held it closer, “I made a cover for your papers. My teacher told me nothing should be left uncovered.”

“ What do you think of the title? ”

The life or  ….

His eyes felt heavier than ever as though there is no need to open it.

His son made it into a book.



Thank you for reading…

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