he remembers nothing (1/4)

He remembers nothing. Yesterday seems to vanish, yet fortunate enough to know what he wants to do. All he can think of was having a long hair, which is now short and black. A voice inside his head asked one simple question,

The Life or The Death…?

He looked around the wall with notes and the room with sketches, hanging at every corner. On contrary, he felt home.

He walked into the street with a casual attire. Pacing the wind with a constant speed, never allowing his emotions get the best of the situation.

On the evening, the coffee shop was quite different than a usual day. It was a dull day for a cute lady behind the counter. She was in her mid-thirties with a genuine expression and with an often addiction to a smartphone.

“What can I get you, sir ?” She asked a man wearing a black T-shirt.

Before he could ask for something,

“Are you him, Prudhvi Rastogi? ”

In fact, he never thought of his name, but it sounds familiar.


“I knew it was you, can I get an autograph.? ” She went inside to get something. It was a book titled the life or the death with my photo on the back of it.

I wrote it. How could I possibly forget that..? Is that face attached to my body or Is this a dream or Is it some weird reality show…

“How can I be at your service, Señor ?”

He explored every part of her body with an expertise of a virgin traveler.They are both naked, awake in the middle of the night.

“It’s awesome, author. Do you do this often? ” She hummed the word “Ecstasy”.

“Not that I think of”

“ What are you up to?” covering her with a blanket, she walked to grab a cigarette. “Any new stories.?”

“Actually, I do.”

“Oh. That’s good to know”

“Can you give me that book ?”

“What book ?”

“The one that I’ve written..”

“ Don’t you have a..What do you call them.Editor’s copy ?”

“No, My conscious is not clear of me authoring any book.”

She saw into his eyes to search for humor but found none.

“Whatever, take it when you leave..”

After few moments, she asked after releasing a puff of smoke

“So, It’s true.”

“What ?”

“The book. It’s not a fiction.”

“Why do you say that ?”

“Lead role in the novel have some amnesia problems.”

Perfect. My history is known to a very stranger on street.That’s really annoying.

They kissed and he left with the book.



Thank you for reading…

To read next quarter, click he remembers nothing(2/4).




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