The fall

via Daily Prompt: Giant

It took him months to reach that place.The Great Wall of China. He is neither a busy man nor famous to get the attention of the neighborhood. A salary of few grand didn’t make him happy. So, One day as he pushed the door of his manager’s office,

“Hey, Sebastian. Congrats, You have done excellent with that African client.  I am having a second thought on your promotion. What do you say ?” A laugh which is Royal, expected to be greeted with the same level.

An extra pay to live in this shit…He thought.


“Hell, yes…I know what you are thinking, boy. Lila will be with you, I promise..”

‘That bitch..’ almost came out. Hell, the love making nights felt true. but not if it was open to everyone.

“That is not the issue. I  want to quit.”

The eyes outside the manager office kept rolling between the two of them throughout the conversation. And finally, he went out.

On a way back to his apartment, he thought about going for a vacation. He bought a camera with his last month paycheck and decided to travel. He decided to visit seven wonders on 7 days each of a different week for a month.

Through the rich culture of  India, he captured the beauty of Taj Mahal. He came to know the difference between reality and illusion. He never wanted to be famous. He wants to know how to earn for living not to survive. He traveled through areas, where many people can reach to some people can walk and further to where only a few people can climb. And finally, he reached China.The Giant Wall of China.

He walked through one of the highest altitudes of modern times as a passenger. He rested his elbow on the wall trying to capture the view. And then, a stone supporting his hand with friction decided to go against it. The camera fall of his hand. His sudden instant was to jump and grab it before it reaches the ground, but he knew the science. When he looked to his left, he saw a little girl staring towards him. After a while, she came to him.

” Don’t worry. Anything can be gone but not the memories..”

Astonished with her little speech, he took her hands and said,

” Who said that ?”

“My mom… she says that when I ask about my father.”

A voice echoed in the crowd and suddenly, women in mid-thirties approached.

“Magie, I said not to go away. I’ve been looking for you.” It started as a scream and looked up to a stranger,”I am so sor..”

“Mama, he dropped his camera from the wall ..”

“Oh.. How..? ” She asked instantly.

“I slipped.” he said, lifted his right hand without noticing the blood dripping from his elbow.

She suddenly took some cotton and aspirin. She insisted on doing it.

“You carry first aid in your purse.Is that usual ?”

“I am a doctor. ”


“A usual habit, I suppose”

“Searching for patients..”

“Sort of…”

They both laughed.

“Would you mind, If I return gratitude with a drink..? ”

Three of them walked along as golden ray illuminated their laughs and for a way of memories to be made…



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