A man from 21st century


EPISODE: 1 ( The desert )


It was completely dark.

He had no knowledge of sound from his volatile memory. No sweat poured out of his skin. No oxygen is required to filter his blood.

Blood is no longer a fluid.., he thought.

The irony is that he’s alive.

He never gave much thought of getting out of darkness.


At one moment of his endless time, His clock began to tick. A beam of sun ray began to pounce through the crack of the compartment.

My world is under attack.

His exposed skin began to melts for few seconds and then,

It happened.

A stabbing sense begins to start at the left side of his chest. A warm fluid began to pour throughout his body as a notion of control.He felt the strength in his muscles.It took a long time to propagate the crack into a size of his body.

As the sun began to descend into the horizon, he was completely out of his coffin.

Hunger attacked him with it’s most efficient weapon. He fell naked, hands clenching his stomach.

After few minutes, a balloon shaped object began to descend towards him. His blurred vision thought of it as an angel. He doesn’t have strength to grab it or Not necessarily as it headed towards him.

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