Curiosity as a quintessential thing..

curiosityFreedom is sort of thing seldom recognized in our century.It’s choice of a path that is chosen to lead to the destiny.Private education made it look like a dangerous thing.They are suppressing the basic element of human evolution.”Curiosity” Isn’t it ?.It is the main subdivision of freedom.On the account of early ages on earth,man would be afraid of  fire as it hurts him.It is his curiosity that gave us enough luxury to make a healthy lifestyle.Maybe we wouldn’t have known the law of universal gravity If newton finds himself hungry rather than amused on seeing a fallen apple.

Money is just a bargaining note of civilized culture.But it’s being influencing the people unnoticeably. A 21 years old human who became a billionaire was made as an example in the mind of young kids.Their prime motive is being diverted to that of money.Whenever expectations become superfluous, fear begins to conquer the minds and thereby causes the unnecessary disappointments.Every emotion in the world is unique,private and self-centred.They are to be inspired by their own motives rather than challenging the infected thoughts.

I saw some books named after “How to make friends within a day ?” “10 secret ways of success”..e.t.c     Is it really necessary to read them ?.

God created every single person on the earth with distinguishable features.They have potent to do something amid journey of their life.A wise man quoted : If death invites me,I shall not ask god for an another day.Life is full of possibilities with the freedom not opted as a choice but as a necessity .

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