A little uncertainty..


I have felt the threads embedded on the bottom of fila shoes when it leisurely trudging through the unfinished road which leads to our apartment.People around me who cursed the sun of it’s intense hot at that very afternoon was busy photographing the red bright sun creeping to the west. People say that every moment can be enjoyed.Neither can I deny nor accept such things.When I was seven years old, my dad used to say that failure is not a part of success but rather teaches a way to reach the destiny.He exemplifies by asking ” Which part do you prefer to shift between two rooms.Among one with complete darkness and the other with complete brightness ?”

He says that the easiest path lead by people hurts the most as they were afraid of failure that may tempt them in the future.I always remember him and his words like an engraved crystal which helps to mold all the problems in my life.But life is on uncertainty principle. A slight deviation from the present would vanish the dreams.

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